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  1. Are we doing this too?

    @Brown thanks for replying in my topic but its gone now, what did you say? Community is not free to speak now I see why nobody posts here. If you say something they dont like its poof topic gone.
  2. Are we doing this too?

    Typical ncsoft, if you are in any way negative towards them expect "retaliation". You can get banned suddenly without a reason. Or on forum, I know many who have gotten the banhammer without any real cause. It is just a really terrible company, I posted a funny video: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18584-ncsoft-chops-your-dollars/
  3. +16 Krishna weapon

    NCsoft doesnt care for the European players, they never did and never will. Sad but true story, they do care about your money though We dont pay USD prices for NCoin no no no JUST BOOM replace USD for EURO!!!
  4. Yes, they also have nice GM's and good events. What can we do, well prepare to get 1 shot at sieges by dragon weapons by the p2w clans Another thing they should focus on fixing but are not because $ > proper gameplay.
  5. I just had to comment on this new "real money grab". The best way is for us to stop buying this lame pack, I know a people will buy it. But really this is just a terrible pay 2 win tactic. If you cannot get the item without spending real life money thats the definition of pay to win. How terrible can you get, the answer to that question is: 18000 ncoin pack which is discounted 10% whoohoooo....................