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  1. Sword Zariche

    Better remove already the blessed Escape from the server hahahaha; unfortunately it will continue like this.
  2. Sword Zariche

    GM replied that this is not a BUG, combat mode / pk / akamanah / zariche anyone can teleport. Game decrease ;p Hello,Regarding your inquiry, I've verified that it is intended that you may used Teleport even if you're in combat mode. However, If you think improvements could be made to the mechanics behind this, we encourage you to post your comments on the forums, where our Community Team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: https://forums.lineage2.com/
  3. Limited Krishna

    maybe you need first make Blessed R110
  4. quest sin eat black judge have problem.
  5. @Juji about teleport flag / combat and pk's? Will it continue anyway?
  6. @Hime @Juji teleport flag/pk/akamanah/zariche will be fixed or will stay like this? Thank you and looking forward to something.
  7. Fafurion update!

    any idea pk exploit solution ?
  8. Transfer server

    Hello PhoenixMitra, thanks for answering, I hope it will be opened as soon as possible ;p good day
  9. then they will have a date to open the transfer server without more, Thank you and have a great week.
  10. January 2019 Preview

    Thank you very much, I hope this event does not get too expensive =)
  11. December 2018 Preview

    @Hime @Juji some date for January preview. thanks and have a good weekend
  12. well delayed, use nick with xNPC or iNPC or lNPC or kNPC if my nick was NPC it has to be NPC, not with retarded embellishment. simple
  13. Red Libra Holiday Event Starts 12/12

    wrong link tooo https://www.lineage2.com/news/red-libra-holiday-event-2018
  14. @Juji @Conguero @Hime Can any of you give me a light., almost 6 months have passed since the merge Freya -> Naia and my nickname that I had in Freya can not be acquired and never wanted to be logged. I would like the GM to look for the truth behind this. Unfortunately support never answers / helps on this problem.