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  1. [#LineageII] Maintenance has been extended with no ETA at this time. We're working on a last few issues before we can get you into the game and playing. Thank you for your patience! https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps
  2. Thank you for answering have a great week.
  3. #Hime any update on the transfer?
  4. when the transfer will be available again
  5. as you can see is with wrong description, even at the time of acquiring the subclass passive skills is wrong too. Subclass Skill Certification (Increase P.atk / Casting speed 4%).
  6. + 9 hours to close transfer any solution ?
  7. I tried to make an application now in the transfer, and I can not select the server. any solution ?
  8. Google Chrome Media Player Classic Home Cinema Steam Battlenet.net (Hearthstone / Diablo III) Banco do brasil (GAS Tecnologia) Banco Caixa Economica Federal (GAS Tecnologia) Teamspeak Teamviewer Voobly (Age Of Empire The conquerors expansão) Fraps Update 17/07/2018
  9. @Conguero @Hime @Neutron You check please ticket Request #16613343 thanks.
  10. 100% bug

    if they were to return some they would have returned what I spent, 23 attempts and it was not after Wednesday without restart I tried 20x and it was only in the last scroll each scroll 850 ~ 1B total 43 scrolls = 38B + - + 14B enchant for +10 cloak it was more expensive than buying from player city this 5% rate fell to 0.000000000005%.....
  11. For Legendary cloak

    very nice rate =) last week = 23 scroll fail yesterday = 20 scroll LAST SCROLL = SUCCESS nice....
  12. For Legendary cloak

    39 Attempts to make it 2Legendary cloaks 1 Ferios Cloak + 10 (16X) and 1 Elmore cloak + 10 (23X) no success Did you really rate negative? I would like you to check the problem on Freya Server