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  1. Hello Juji, will you add this item to the checklist? because the mobs are doing very powerful damage. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20754-known-issues-wild-horizons-232021-live/
  2. very good. responding all quickly and about the mobs being much stronger than normal any updates on that?
  3. Serious accusation about RMT on top of me. You are totally deviating from one issue to another. In reality MIXA shut up and stop messing up I'm just giving your useless toxic opinion. I think you should think more before speaking or accusing any crap.
  4. You are a little child who enters all topics just to get a post shut up, Posting nonsense in topics is not the fact that I am crying or not is the fact that having an option since it was implemented could change the option so I think like that you should continue your life and take your scams in l2 and stop talking nonsense in other people's topics. unhappy.Insert other media
  5. If you don't know what to say and want to earn points per post it should be block e or punished.
  6. MIXA in reality, stop talking nonsense and do something useful, man.
  7. As the title says, Why not add the gift system by sending the requested payment? So there wouldn't be so many scammers in ncoin, Because like me many will not acquire ncoin too soon because of the price that the dollar is in our country, other countries may also occur. At least try to talk to the developers about this subject of gift for payment requested. Thanks in advance.
  8. I agree, I am looking forward to seeing some serious response to this. but we already know where it will take us. if you compare the ncwest market with other impossible normal players to do something decent in this game
  9. thanks, let's see this good optimization: D
  10. thanks l hope that many problems are solved.
  11. I am outraged. does the person stock these Freya Rune and are you just going to remove it? make an npc where you can exchange for some item. Does it mean that we can no longer stock items from events that you will simply steal from us every time? ????/ .welll Only Freya's rune (7days) You didn’t say anything about the 30 days.....
  12. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] Maintenance will be delayed by 1 hour. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  13. @Zuken I know it's boring but they can't do anything the most you can do is open a ticket your post will be deleted I understand very well that this problem is annoying to us players.
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