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  1. VIP now has queue too... so it's not about making money with VIP it's clearly a technical and a planning issue. We will need at least 1 or 2 more servers with GMT closer of these actuals, such -4, -3 -2 and +2. It probably will merge in the future when the hype over and the server stabilize with a population around 2k players. NCWest should make better planning about this classic opening, they were very conservative about how many servers they were going to open.
  2. No Community want a server to play with friends, 70% of my friends just cannot play because of this infinite queue .
  3. Grundor

    Server queue

    We need a 4th server! Probably merge is coming if few months but for now it these long queues a server between -5 and +1 is very welcome.
  4. If you try to mention a post or a topic it becomes a black box with most unreadable content as follow:
  5. In fact, I already proposed it here:
  6. The item 4 of VIP lv.4 is not working, it should reduce exp loss in 20% but it's not true. I died with 99,73% and I went to 95,73%. Any other VIP tier checked it??
  7. It's easy to solve, open a server GMT -3 and we will see all BR huehue migrating to there. It will open space in Giran and Talking Island.
  8. It's really annoying, and make we could be farming but ppl just cant login, even ppl with ncoins in bag to become vip.
  9. Too many people come here from other classic servers feeling like Owners of absolute truth. Even @Juji said that is 1.5 but with many differences Maybe the drop rate that you know or searched at l2wiki.com is not the same here. Maybe the NPC location is different. Maybe the skill effect is not the same. It's a new server, go explore and stop crying and start to play.
  10. https://www.strawpoll.me/16580338 Infinite zoom is a problem, but a limited and closer may can be a problem too.
  11. I'm working to fix the suggested pack... instead to suggest the pack with ncoins greater or equal of needed I'll display the lowest price based in available packs (for example 400+800 or 3x400 etc)
  12. You should follow each month purchase because the VIP points depreciate every 30 days. The 90$ is the total amount that you will spend in the 3 months... $50 at 1st, $20 at 2nd and 3rd.
  13. The system of VIP of the classic can give a no in your head, therefore it gave in mine as well. Want to know how much you will spend to keep your VIP tier? Can be accessed 100% web: https://calculator.lineageii.org/vip-tier-calculator/ Don`t require a login, you can download the source and run offline if you want. In the image above shows the VIP tier 4 for 3 months (90days) The 90$ is the total amount that you will spend in the 3 months... You should purchase $50 at 1st, $20 at 2nd and 3rd month.
  14. I think auto-loop macro give a chance to ppl who work and study to farm a little when they can't play, make it more competitive against hard farms such 20 hours/day like some grinders. I respect who want to play with their fingers (and will be more effective for sure) but remove auto-looping macro will probably make these server fail.
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