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  1. Want to trade Bloody Caster r99 +12 8/8 Sigel for Bloody Bow 3sa--> pm/mail iFrosty
  2. Wtb Pve feoh weapon ++++++ pm/mail -->iFrosty
  3. hello all-i did not get chaos pomader for my dual and i m not alone-->any info?at old toons my dual classes have revelation skills
  4. Wtb Bloody R99 retributier +12 sigel or tyrr 32kkk cod Plut0n
  5. Wtb Blessed/Bloody Retributier +7-12-pm/meil--> Plut0n
  6. Also trade For nice Elmore or Fists
  7. Hello-->WTT/S Dark Robe Set 10/10/11/11/13 best way for Pve Leather set +10-->H3llga Chronos
  8. 30x reward box 27x bss or ss and 50 cry or hero scroll xp (100kk xp)-looks like paagrio blesing exp will be very lucky reward Now we get shots for next 1-2years with expect ss lag mby 3-4
  9. This Event is Useless as for xp as for reward-totaly pointless-I do not know who invented it but did not give it much work or think about it
  10. ofc u know about that :-D but-->When u will fix loop macro please???
  11. nice idea but this is not vote topic ....this is report of no-working macro wich have to work-ofc some players wich played also with loop macro last few months or get fulll eq and lvl will try to keep distance from new players -->and new coming believe or not....
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