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  1. we dont talking about how much spend every person in this game, its a personal choice. we talking about bad politics of dh liders who farm dragons with the help of slaves and rmt after the drop obtain by a common effort. and about the fact dh greedy destroy a whole server, but you are not so smart to see that. ofc every lider have the lion part of drop, or priority will be always to gear top cps, but to put all castles on box for few dark stones and kill all small clans its not a clever movement for someone who pretent to be the survivor and real salvation of naia. what other clans are alive
  2. yes, people can happy farm in peace now....no one will disturbe their sleep.
  3. I was lider of Warlords clan ( ex Romania ) for more than 7 years. during this time, i saw my clan going in abyss and rise from ashes, for many times. all time, was our pleasure to rebuild the clan with few close friends. who believe like me in ideea of a pure romanian clan, and after in an international one. we had our glory, we conquer a castle, we fight many times for it, we had many many hours of nice farm and pvp, and delightfull moments of laughings and angry screamings in ts. when the old glory of naia vanishes, we join the resistance alliance, in a last futile try to keep our serv
  4. hello all yes, Fotomoto cp and some ppl from Omen cp are already in cronos, joining nova. we already have nice pvp's vs ms. game is designed to farm but for pvp also, so if ppl dont understand that in naia, we decided all to change to a better server, with more activity and decent market prices. rumours said even exeqtor selling the items farmed from dragons/rbs with his slaves in cronos also, cose no one want to buy anymore overpriced items in a dead server. and dont dream about max will come and save ur server, if u have not done anything till now, low chances to change someth
  5. for exactly this tactics dh was surrnamed "dragon carpets". clear as crystal. dh cant afford a real pvp, they lose too many slaves requirered for entering dragons with clicker. and about surviving, even cockroaches can survive a nuclear bomb, or rats surviving cholera, but this not means they are usefull to human race.
  6. to @Conguero its not only about this agressive p2w politics, its about ncsoft destroy and nerfed almost to zero any chance of making adena in game, and put lame/zero rewards on event boxes. if u say this is for reduce the amount of botts, the solution is simple, make again monthly subscription and ban all bots/scripters/rmt-ers. becouse ncsoft nerfed: -adena/matts from mobs. not to mention in any game u can have full drop from mobs, only here its impossible to see that on free map, full drop is only on dragons who are farmed only by few players, who enter with clicker/scripts in a p
  7. 1. you need top pvp clans to fight for supremacy in a healthy server. there are donnors and farmers, all time in any game. the problem is the slave menthality, people who choose to stay in Matrix for easy farm/easy crumbles from master feast, when they choose all winning side. there are also top gear players with slave menthality, and undergeared players with fighters menthality. 2. when prices goes down can be a sign of a healthy market with competition, a lot of items for sale, becouse a high playerbase, or worse scenario, this means a massive quit/cash out of players. 3. we prefe
  8. yes dudot, you dont have real opponents, was only our futile resistance, and when you had real opponents in the past, your clan was known as "dragon carpets". so i wonder how much you can keep the pvp people in your clan, when ozzy will give them pvp with generosity 2 hour on 2 weeks, 4 hours per month, and in the rest of time you use them as slaves for farming dragons. all max will be nova, bandidos ms, so enjoy ur merge in a dead farm server. funny thing is this anti game strategy, will destroy the game and even your business. but you cant see so far away further in the future.
  9. @Conguero naia cemetery + freya cemetery.... too late, becouse the anti game politics of some farmers clans who avoid real pvp. best solution merge all 3 servers in one with a decent time zone for all, and force in this way all top clans to pvp for same dragons. make another fresh new server, more ppl want a new beginning. if u want this game on ncwest not dying, take the model of low store prices and premium acc from innova, in this way u will encouraging normal players and reduce the amount of bots. better have 10 k active players with premium account than 10k boxes of rmt farmers.
  10. all this happens cose a lot of players quit the game, and also the price of dark sets decrease a lot, sometimes even close to half price, and in general, all items. too many events, and ppl spent all adena. too many overpowered items, added every month. game is over, for most of us.
  11. in this case, ncsoft plz fix also this bugged class ertheya, perma hide in oly, and eviscerators with almost perma invincibility with skill refresh, and all yuls with angel touch/mystic imunity on them, and so on.
  12. smells like a desperate call, from such a mighty clan who pretend they are the gods of pvp let ppl move in other clans, to see what ur brave aizen did it to naia
  13. wtb ferios cloack +15 ( defensive one ), i can offer dark caster +16 sigel and 2x lvl 8 sa if u have some extra adds. pm/mail here or ingame N4zgul, naia server. WTT also pvp robe set +10 for same heavy.
  14. wtb ferios cloack +15 ( defensive one ), i can offer dark caster +16 sigel and 2x lvl 8 sa if u have some extra adds. pm/mail here or ingame N4zgul, naia server.
  15. wtb ferios cloack +15 ( defensive one ), i can offer dark caster +16 sigel and 2x lvl 8 sa if u have some extra adds. pm/mail here or ingame N4zgul, naia server. WTT also pvp robe set +10 for same heavy.
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