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  1. Web Plattaform Issues

    Hello NC, I hope you guys are doing well in this corona times. I'm having issues about log in in web site and fórum and log in in main web site as well. I'm able to connect and play the game but cannot log at web from same acc. I already have tryied with 3 diferente accounts in 4 diferente computers and Chrome, Mozzila, Firefox, Opera, OperaGX and even in my cellphone 4g, so please, don'te tell me that the issue is on my side that isn't true. Might have been some authentication problem by you'r side that is blocking my account, not my IP, but my account to log-in in the web plattaforms. I needed to create a new account to be able to create this topic because, as I said, I cannot log into main site so I cannot open a ticket. So I beg you'r help please. Thank you! This topic suppose to be answared by any GM or NC team, so please, don't come with you're thoughts or not helpfull answears. Thank you.