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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    dude the scroll for bracelet is 100% read the info from event ty.
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i speak about live server i play 3 week now and i am 99 so no event for me ??
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    the event is gonna be 100+ ? we are new on server and put event to help old players ? what kinda server is this
  4. i cant get it becouse thye cant desable macro on classic desable it from all servers? how pathetic is that. if you are nto rdy to open new server just dont do it. and you needed like 10 hour maintance to make this crap ?
  5. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

    so the will stay on for a bit longer was only for one day ? becouse today i cant take any reward.