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  1. In addition to the rune, I bought the package with 50 eruptions and couldn't get 30% xp at level 107, frustrating as the attack speed compromises the efficient farm.
  2. Actually the latency problem was not solved, I admit that the problem has been reduced but the attack speed, especially of the evicerators is totally compromised, if this is not solved playing with the class will be impossible since this is the main skill of the class. .
  3. Very sad with this lock. It's impossible to play, I know they're looking for a solution, but patience has a limit and I'm getting discouraged with the game ...
  4. It is very sad but the way it is not to play, the game does not stabilize and it is complicated to do anything, what was supposed to be fun is becoming a storm.
  5. You are out of playing conditions. When will this be solved for God's sake ???
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