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  1. @Juji and what about my other 2 questions??
  2. @Hime what about max clients?(first Q). When we reset an old toons dual or have it 3rd class or awakend it doesn’t have paulina(second Q) Can we have an inform about 3rd Fafurion part or w/e it’s called? Thank you!!
  3. GM Buffs

    Give gm buffs every wednesday maybe might be a good idea, for people can farm easier and faster and can do instances easier because paulina R don't help that much
  4. [REQUEST] Paulina on dual

    If you reset dual class or you had an old toon like 41+ lvl you don't have any items to lvl it up only by ncoins? Please fix this and give players Paulinas when u reset dual class, and paulinas to old toons so they can lvl up
  5. @Hime Please check the base stats or general stats on live server, a lot of clan members are complaing about lower hp/mp/cp/p.atk/m.atk etc maybe some stats are changed cause of classic and none checked it!!!