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  1. Thank you Juji. By the way fish cream stews and chilli stews are still in game you just have to open embryo reward boxes. So for all those screaming that the deletion was intended, simply put you are/were wrong. If you can still get the deleted item in game then the ninja delete was not planned. Maybe do a little fishing and check things out before asserting that you right when you obviously know nothing about fishing. The 1st thing I did when I saw my creams and chillis were deleted was open some embryo boxes and behold, more creams and chillis. So I figured it out, that three was a mistake made, in 10 minutes after I logged in Wednesday. Moral of the story, before running you fingers for 2 pages here about how people with stews are wrong and that the items were supposed to be deleted, try some things in game to make sure what you are spouting is correct.
  2. Fish Cream Stews deleted

    So all fish cream and fish chilli stews were deleted without notice. Yet opening an embryo reward box today still gives the reward of chilli and creams. You can't delete stuff from players and then still offer the reward. Delete all element crystals and make everyone collect fresh one? Delete everyones weapons and make them get new ones? Why not wipe the server and make everyone start fresh?