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  1. We all understand that they are making changes to improve the server and see the problems of latency, but many of us lose runes, cake, weapons, equipment with time or the possibility of making instances, in which the ADM of the service should at least give buff or restore the items or lost time maybe put a patch event as a free network to compensate for what happened, unfortunately you only pay attention and special care to the classic servers. ATTE DADDYYANKEE
  2. Along with greeting them it is to my liking and of all the members of my clan to send the best Christmas wishes for all the Served, hoping that you spend beautiful holidays together with their families and friends. ATTE CLAN Devil's Disciples [DD] DaddyYankee
  3. it can not be that once again the staff of lineage 2 makes fun of all the members of this community and that once and for all they put on their pants and do things well, understand that in the page of lineage2.com when you enter the Event propaganda says that the rewards are within an hour, but within the game it tells you another time and not the same rewards, that it costs them to pay some attention to the normal server since the classic server already has enough attention, or Do not have people trained for this?
  4. Dejar con macro no es seguro, ya que de alguna forma logran dejarte pk para sacarte todos tus items apesar de la opcion de l2 con solo targetear los MOB , lo cual no cumple funcion alguna. Esperando alguna respuesta del staff de l2 para los item perdidos gracias a este Bugg Leaving with macro is not safe, since somehow they manage to leave you pk to take out all your items in spite of the option of l2 with only targeting the MOB, which does not fulfill any function, waiting for some response from the staff of l2 for the lost items thanks to this Bugg
  5. Clan Latino PVE los invitar a formar parte de esta gran familia. Único requisito Usar TS3 y ser activo Nivel Minimo 85+ Raid Boss, epicos, instancias de Clan, party de leveleo, party de quest (exalted) Pm Dentro del Juego Curandera, Epifone . Facebook Clan Devil's Disciples. Canal De youtube Clan Devil's Disciples.
  6. Experience, Drop and adena for how much, 9 player in party?, NPC Bufer !! Starter pack or help for new pjs!
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