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  1. 6000 online ... i would say 3000+ actually, remove bot and boxes. 1000-1500 is number of bots maybe
  2. Will there be a Store promo also with the event soon? after Fortune reading by exemple .. We need cloak/circlet/brooch/shirt , been a long time since last promo of these items.
  3. Honey bear quest mob spawn rate is super slow/low

    You need to kill 30 Bears to spawn 1 Quest monster. Yeah its slow, had to do it with D grade weapon and it was very slow still ...
  4. Everything is in the title gogo Hime you can do it bro
  5. Hero Coins

    The problem is that you open you'r mouth to say nonsense everyday right. Why we accumulate hero coin ? is simply because there are nothing worth for us to spend, and indeed the 10% cloak scroll was the only good option to make adena.
  6. PVP Ridiculous

    MAgicians crying about Warriors?? You are just terrible then, learn how to play ur mage ...
  7. Giant freya scroll +1 to +3

    From Freya fortune box! or just buy the giant scroll
  8. CLAYMORE +16

    Kr does have KR F2P classic servers. two of them. http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  9. When we look closely to server population of Aden and Gludio, both of them reunited almost catch up the population of Giran/TI server alone. Both server are low populated atm and merging them soon is better than waiting for people to quit because they can't party togheter. Aden and Gludio togheter would make a third Solid population server and it will be easier to find party's. + both server timezones are almost the same which is annother reason to do it. Make it happen fast! What do you guys think?
  10. Master Yogi weapon event, very exciting and stressful and surely addictive for people who love to enchant Elpy in fantasy isle finding Treasure chest with « bump » message around! One of the best for me, rewards were awesome back then i got a Dark stone i sold for 60M it was the best day of my L2 life 😂
  11. Radiant +5 shirt

    1000 scroll at 700M each approx = 700B and 1B is 7-8$ so that means they spent 5 000$ for the shirt, Grats NCSOFT , business is going well
  12. Wtb Ghost staff Head/WTS Claymore Blade

    Wtb Ghost Staff Head WTS Claymore Blade x3 125k each pm/mail "iAndouille in Giran pm in forum, thxs!
  13. Seems like Adena/Drop has been fixed in lower lvl zone but not on 40+ Zone, Can GM's gives a clear answer about the situation please?
  14. Wake up Laby i want to see how much players are online in gludio
  15. Create 2 new server, one for EU and US, 2000 people queue is way too much, let everyone play and create 2 new server! When servers clear of noobs after 1-3 months, Merge them back and everyone happy!