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  1. actually, rates to get nice stuff in hardin's bag is quite good.
  2. Leveling after 95

    use shining scroll of growth to get lvl 100-101 faster, its not expensive after that lvl u may be able to get pt to make faction quest or dailys, grinding partys maybe exist but the macro system makes it harder ... But if your goal is to lvl up and get 105+, u will realize that you wll need alot of gear to not be a 1-2 shot in pve/pvp, so its up to you! have fun
  3. Admin's wake up

    You guys have to understand that Hime, Juji and all the GM's are not logging into forum except for the weekly maintenance, neither reading post, they don't care at all They will come in a few days saying "We look into the issue" and that's the reality!!! they are not putting any effort to keep server alive or anything
  4. No more New Items Please

    i have an idea In order to have fun and don't feel scammed, let's set up pvp event with lvl 85 awakened chars, without any pay to win gears i imagine it like that 7v7 ( u chose the pt setup) No brooch jewel/no circlet/no cloak/no coc belt etc etc Just Twilight +3 set Apocalypse +3 Twilight jewel And i assure you that after u do a balanced 7v7 at that lvl without gears u will feel the real fun of pvp without spending 10k $ and with balanced pvp We should make that event and post it on forum so maybe GM's can see how stupid move they make with the game
  5. I am choked lol I cant believe they are adding it, Hope not many ppl gonna quit Japan is empty because cloaks gods jewel, even korea doesnt have that!!!
  6. Red libra question for GM's

    @Hime@Juji Hey there, annother post you should answer
  7. @Hime @Juji 3 Days the event has started, what are you waiting to FIX the damn elysium buff? is that a troll ? seriously, website says 4hr, npc in town says 4hr, And the buff is what? 1 hour, You guys know the issue but don't wanna fix it? give us a reason? maybe answer forum more than 1 time a week? Worst communication i've ever seen for a company, instead of making people happy so they spend money, u guys make everyone angry and make everyone quit? is that the goal?
  8. Limited Krishna can't be exchanged??

    people are also very angry about Seed Talismans and the 4 hour buff that turned into 1h only. check it out asap
  9. any info on Dragon shirt/weapon or Artifact promo date please? @Hime
  10. 1 legendary scroll = 5% chance ( with logic u need 20 to get it max) 1 high grade = 50% chance (with logic u need max 2 so 30 legendary scroll) This option is a bit obsolete and very expensive anyways ... there are legendary cloaks for less than 10b on town already
  11. INSTANCE ADEN only for bots?

    What about GM's stop asking players to do their job? how do u want to have time to report 1 bot when there is 50k bots on map on all spots, you'r server is heavy with 3k bots 1k box 1k player, olympiad is Dead in giran, no one played first week because lack of players!! people are leaving so great job from staff! PS: hiring a GM to ban bots from map is too much to ask for sure, bots are surely secured from ban because they pay money
  12. Atrocious "support"

    Most GM's who will answer you don't have a clue on how the game actually works ...
  13. https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/27/5/1562330412-shot00031.png https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/27/5/1562330425-shot00032.png https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/27/5/1562330427-shot00033.png In the first Pic, We can read the augment i should get from my Brooch In the Second pic, we are seeing a completely new passive that popped up from nowhere (3% reflect dmg) In the third pic, we are seeing the augment i got. So my question is, WHY do i have "3% reflect dmg" augment passive, when i should only have gotten -3% received dmg? my second question is, Does this apply to all sort of augment on brooch? Are there other boost than reflect from other jewel? Why does this augment even exist when it has never been in any of the augment list from Event information. If you guys have any other passive like that let me know. Would be nice to know @Hime or @Juji point of view on that. thanks
  14. WTB Greater Brooch lvl 6 Jewel

    WTB Greater -Garnet -Diamond -Amethyst -Emerald -Topaz PM INGAME "Andouille or pm in forum
  15. July/August/Summer preview

    Red Libra for sure And i bet on New artifact since u said soon too