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  1. Enchant rates are so low, this is ridiculous. Actually it is so rare to enchant something with good +++. Artifact books, Dragon shirt, weapons, armors - A nightmare - @Juji @Hime ideas: - once or twice a year why not make a "enchant day" with better rates? This can give a good opportunity to ALL players go have good and nice items. - an event to gain +5 or more Dragon Shirts, Top Artifact Book still enchanted. Thanks
  2. Hi Team, missing the Lucien Instance, it was good exp and a chance to upgrade our bracelets and get nice items. Bring to us Lucien again plz.
  3. @Juji Give to us please news about next Red Libra? Please add again the Stone of Destiny to change main classes.
  4. Hi, is Topaz / Greater Topaz good for Eviscerator?
  5. bentonero, is loosing time, Evis need to kill fast, all this skills you said are useless and made the kills slow, as Beverley said only right sidestep is fine, no need more on pve.
  6. If the chest will be dropped from a mob this stupid bots will be back and will came fast to steal the chest so it will be same then before, also lags and melee lags. @Juji @Hime please no more Greedy Chests, think on those bots , programs, cameras and all as they have to come and scamm the chests, now we dont have lags, no melee lags so please not more Greedy Chests!
  7. I agreed, just killed 19 bots in Spores arround my party... 19!!!
  8. - REMOVE THE RANKING (useless) - STOP WITH GREEDY TREASURE CHESTS (too much bots cameras and bot programs) - EJECT AFK PEOPLE IN TOWNS (why the log? just to colapse the server) We would like a compensation, paying prestige and destiny pack, using cakes and bosts because exp event for nothing, just wasting money. The game in unplayable, melee lag is terrible. This game is dead! @Hime@Jujimake Lineage 2 great again!
  9. Come on! Server is full of useless bots waitting for the Greedy, server is full of people afk in towns that's why we have incredible lags. Melee lags are just terrible, can't play on this conditions. Do something!!! Eject afk people who stay during hours and days in towns, stop the greedies who manages tons of bots and bot programs.
  10. And do you think 4 or 8 roses per Castilla can stay on all night or few hours in Ketra / Varka?
  11. Hi, the initiative is great, it's a good idea to equip players who can't pay with lvl 5 jewels, however and as always, there are always players who think they are smarter than the others by posting several alts in the areas where chests are likely to appear. Is it normal that the same players always have more privileges? Because these alts do not belong to low level players. Why not make a portal like the old chests? Or find another way, like for example the Greedy Treasure Chest that falls from the mobs as a drop? Hunting and not boting! We have to put an end to these privi
  12. Hi, why not sell a pack of Art of Seduction at L2 store? Sellers are selling this items very expensive and for Ketra and Varka for exemple players need a lot of this roses. Suggestion : pack of 100, 200, 500 or more Art of Seduction "roses"? @Juji Thanks.
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