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  1. hey there.i am looking for a cp at giran server at prime time 17:00-23:00 gmt +2. pm me here.
  2. kromachine

    WTB bow +4

    wtb elven or dark elven bow +4 at the price of 1,3kk.pm me in game at the name Crafteroula.
  3. We recruiting 2 CP's and active players lvl 40+. You need to use Discord and follow the rules. If want more information you need to contact in game to the following names. Splicho and Adamasth. Safe travels and carefull.Never knows
  4. Hey Giran. We are Team Zone.A lvl 3 Clan in War, with a history in online games for about 15 years.A clan with a high reputation all this years in the history of Lineage 2.The Friends are thousands.The enemys?Milions.We are lovely but we are hated also. Our Clan focus to the members.We are helpfull and we work together. Now we are at Giran from the first day and we are recruiting.So if you want to be a member for us you need to check the follow. 1.You need to contact with the Leader (Splicho) 2.You need to have and use Discord. 3.You need to be nice, respect all t
  5. yes no point. dont pay with no reason. better start on a low pop server cause this at giran is a joke.
  6. vip 4 and i w8 1 hour and nothing yet. the server is full of bots with vip 0 and the gms dont do nothing for this.
  7. then why you say to me personal i dont have the knowledge about what happend? hmmmm problem resolved. and btw , tell to your cp and to your ppl, if you are ok and right guys like they try so hard here to prove it and thas is so funny, to return everything they take from us. of course it never be happend but ppl like ratata who is a streamer too and try to be a guy with good reputation but cant cause he answer also here and tell me untrust person,who ratata the thief, or neph the cp and clan leader who make all that and propably focus the rest cp to make the same, i dont know about melckior th
  8. he has the ball to kick ppl because dont follow plans or terms. basicaly you are a part of this cp also and speak? why you take all the materials from clan wh also? really how dirty or desease are your brains? and why dont go to organize clan or cp and you compare your self with a leader vs a thief? really how you do that?
  9. you take the adena for 2 mana staff at the first week, who the adena was hell.and after 2 weeks you dont follow any order about the plan. and the fun is, you broke the cp plan, you stole with your friend neph all the materials from you clan with name impactII, and now you have the face to come here and recruiting and blame other ppl. go farm now.
  10. good luck with recruit, but you need to be more social to our server.you cant be 45+ lvls and go to lvl 20 areas and flag to 20-25 lvl players so you make poor pvp with them and show them your power. you need to show how good you are at your lvls.
  11. actualized reply about the knowledge of this cp. This cp from the first week of the server was with 2 D weapons from a alliance plan to do some teamwork job.All we can understand how crazy and difficult was to farm this adena for 2 d weapons at first days of the server with old adena rates.the job was this cp to farm more easy adena and buy 1 weapon d for the main clan at sec week. but this cp, broke the cp 2 days before the plan complete it,they leave their clan and they remake this cp. notice: carefull where you play,what you say, and what you choise giran. The reputation
  12. im not missing nothing.want to explain it very clear if want to see who missing what.
  13. i dont have smething to speak with you in game.i just answer here to your replys,like yours at mine.
  14. broken not broken you got the point anyway
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