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  1. Alt tab lol.... Such a pre-2010 thing Grab yourself a 21:9 4K ultra-wide and enjoy
  2. Are you referring to the 50% rune not working on level 60+ players? I know of maybe 18 players that were affected. Unless I am missing something here
  3. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ant_Captain This mob drops more adena on this server than the wiki, I consistently receive 300-500 adena So I would say be patient, go experiment for yourself
  4. still looking for experienced CPs and small groups
  5. Excluding lucky drops? subtract 1 mil then, no shots? subtract 200-300k then. Want to take a guess how much adena you will make at 50+? Let's just say you will come back to this thread for a good laugh some day. Get to 40 in a low D weapon, it's cheap and obtainable for f2p players, accept the fact that without paying for anything you are going to spend twice as much time than I will, which is completely fair tbh
  6. SR, in 2-3 years just like Skelth. Right now - none
  7. ~$30 on Ncoin soulshots + VIP4 I obtained 12+ full drops, one of them was a high D weapon. I'm sorry you don't want to focus on your real-life issues before wasting time in a video game. Do you also expect free food, college, water, housing IRL?? My main is lvl50+ and I am just sharing what I did on my alts to make adena on the side.
  8. I would like to know where this personal experience took place because for the next few content patches PRs are ridiculously OP compared to SR and Hawkeye, in Seven signs they become more balanced but I believe PR is still better lol. I would take 2 PRs any day over 3-4 Hawkeyes / Silver Ranger, with Fatal counter the 2 PRs would probably outdps the other 4.
  9. in 2 or 3 years (took 3yrs for Skelth) I believe the Silver Ranger gets a subpar AOE. Phantom Rangers will be the strongest archers for a LONG time
  10. By level 28 you should have made 1mil, by 35 2mil... This is with 2 char. Why do we still have threads like this? rates are fine, get good or get rekt
  11. NCSoft has been notorious for randomly locking accounts from logging into the website and telling them in a response "Sorry but your account behavior looks like malicious activity and we are not going to do anything until it has been cleared up"....... And of course offering no way to unlock said account. I would limit the number of locations if possible
  12. Elders and buffers tend to sit down most of the time and wait for their party to make them EXP. If you want something more active stick with an SPH but do not solo it without at least 1 recharger box
  13. You try hitting "Page Down" a couple times?
  14. i think you are in the wrong l2 forum, none of this crap will ever come to classic lol
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