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  1. Make it so you can't reset Zaken... this way it won't be farmed by a few adena sellers every day
  2. Thats a good point. @Juji and @Hime are our representatives, and whether they have the power to change anything or not, it would be nice to know that they are on our side. NCSoft has Lineage 2 Mobile in the works..... they announced L2 Remastered.... why put this much work and money into a game that the developers are so intent on killing? Why alienate and drive away their fan/player base before these things can be released? Surely they have to see a massive difference in revenues between their NA and Asian servers. Obviously there are major differences between the versions of the gam
  3. They promised us "Classic" and we came. They rewarded us with long queues and frequent disconnects just before finally getting in.....so people left. They gave us lowered adena and drop rates than the rest of the L2 world so players couldnt afford to even play the game....so people left. They promised us no P2W, and then rewarded us with back to back to back P2W events, with increasingly higher prices and progressively lower chances of succeeding.....so people left. They added P2W boxes....and people left. Not that they ever cared, but they officially threw in the towel against botters...
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