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  1. I was waiting for maintenances to get back in the game. but I see that adena and drop won't be fixed. so am never coming back. oh well. it was fun.
  2. Some mobs are not doing anything. adena, items anything. I get XP but no drops. anyone else notices this?
  3. This looks like lots of benefits for the server, I wonder if there a catch?
  4. I was doing the 2nd class quest this week and I notice 1000s of bots farming the zone where all my quest were taking place. Listed Dev, I know that you need to keep the bots on the server. I know you have a boss that needs to see server #'s and you need to show that lots of people play here. I know you need to protect your jobs. But you need to keep the bots away from class quest and the very important quest that real players need to do. It shouldn't take this long to do a 2nd class quest...1000s of bots running around...for the love of God. If the bots are here to stay then give us another wa
  5. Servers are offline (red) for me, anyone else?
  6. If you look at the chat box you will notice all the "shop enchant" items been sold. That means that right now NCSOFT is making lots of money. So the forums and the outcry of players don't affect sales. also, the bots do not affect sales. So why should they bother with the forums or giving us answers for the changes? when it doesn't affect the sales. Just wait until they add mounts to the shop...thats going to be the next big money maker
  7. NOPE, they make sure this was not done like this. they want you and friends spending money at every corner. So your VIP 4 get cut when you in a party with your cheap/broke friends lol
  8. because they making money no matter how much you complaint.
  9. Have you guys seen all the people shouting about there enchanted Pendant or selling them in town? please, they will never remove them from the shop. they making so much money right now.
  10. I blame the players buying adena and the players buying NCSoft coins.
  11. So waste my playing time on killing and doing all these things on bots. omg dude wake up.. you're not playing a game. your doing a job lol
  12. Coming back after not playing for a few weeks. the game starts, I log-in and nothing happens just a black screen and the l2 arrow. anyone else?
  13. Can you transfer the items to other char's in the same account?
  14. wait, you can buy the box's with real money?
  15. how is this possible? is he a gm? a video like this that makes me think playing legit is a waste of time
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