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  1. Hi All, There were a los of problems with packs and payments, could be posible have the chance to extend the time 2 o 3 more days to could buy? Thank you
  2. OMG! People started to cry! SE and EE are differents! just it! if you like all the new skills in SE so choose a SE. Do you see any overlord crying here? Have you look his skills? empo,haste,focus?dw? none!! each char have good and bad things!
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, but this is not my question.
  4. Hi all, I watched some videos from EU Classic servers, and most people are archers with full plate. In classic server which are the more OP classes? Archers or wizards? As you know, each chronology has a OP class, one time was archers , other were wizards and sometime were summoners and etc. Thank you for your feedback
  5. Hi Hime! I watched u on twitch! u are a beatiful lady Hope news soon, because i will ask for vacations on my work .
  6. Anythig! Only The best char to set macros and play with box! Thank you!
  7. Aqui de Peru! creo el que sea mas proximo a gmt-5 :D! Hagamos algo ches
  8. And with box? I know :(. But is the only way that i have to play :(.
  9. Yes! but i can press the macro button myself! Do u have any suggestion for a char? Thank u friend
  10. Please set empower in lvl 60 for overlords , hahaha if we could ask anything we want to gms i want my own server
  11. autoleveling for me is play alone. Warlord + pp? but warlord needs VR and too much attention to not die
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