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  1. GM's should fix this and death penalty asap. There are some RMTers getting all drops because of that bug.
  2. Hi there. Bosses still with the old looting rules system. That means if your CC hit the raidboss first, doesnt matter if other party burn 90% of RB HP while you just watch, loot will be yours because you hitted first. People used to exploit it with level 1 cams sniping and hitting first every raidboss alive, and then GM's started to ban people abusing this on Skelth and later they fixed it. I don't know why it's not working properly here, but this must be fixed. Some guy (can we call names here? If we can, its PimpJuice) is getting every boss reward because of it, even when his CC
  3. I went from something like 0.5% to 79,5% (deleveled) when i died to boss. I played Classic for years but 20% loss is huge.
  4. should we mail support@ncsoft.com or just open a new ticket?
  5. @Juji How about people unable to buy pack's because site bugging?
  6. Thanks for you answer @Juji I bought my pack but some of my friends are afraid of not being able to buy packs before the sale end. There will be any time compensation? People will be allowed to pay for Challanger Pack later or today will be the last day, even with bugs?
  7. @Juji Dude, answer people about lauch packs getting bugged. People are getting desperated with refunds and bugs on shop.
  8. @Juji @Hime Please dont ignore people! We're afraid of not getting packs because of massive bugs and errors.
  9. There's no Soul Crystals on classic, but Rune system. Take a look on https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes
  10. Isn't the case of NCWest giving people few days for buying it? Everyone is getting bug/blocked/refunded for no reason.
  11. No one can run from a Tyrant with Rabbit totem and BWH. Even Humans with dash, because it last for few seconds only.
  12. why bots? there's a guy here, paying for everyone on his credit card and people are paying him on his bank account because he have a huge limit on his CC.
  13. Silver Ranger is the true joke on this game. HE is lame too. Even with Snipe and Dash, his damage is not good. Ignore this video about Tr9y, this guy is completely geared with bosses, baium talis and broken hero weapon. You gonna find some PR's hitting 6-10k on mages w/o a problem. His range is low but who cares, it will be 1-2shooting mostly of the classes.
  14. Pet SS will be there and crafting them will be cheaper than buying directly on NPC. You also can't sell them, so be careful.
  15. Assuming you're soloing full buffed: Tyrant, Destro, WL's, Summoners, PR, DA, SK... they are all fine.
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