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  1. It's not about the clients retard, people are getting blocked for login different ACCOUNTS on website! So if you have 4 accs you get blocked on website when you log the 4 one.
  2. Souls Shots in store gotta go

    Remove ss/Bss on L2 Store!
  3. Remove looping macro

    Believe me who is coming to do RMT and top packs don't give a bleep for macros, it will affect only fair players who can't have a 9 man party 24/7
  4. Yes they changed it! Now talking is GMT-5
  5. Talking Island is GMT -5 not -2!
  6. Top Clans (Talking Island)

    Are you sure
  7. No Giran Clans?

    Believe me 99% of SA are going to talking
  8. Recrutando para CP

    Tem um grupo BR no face com quase 400 players que vão vir pro servidor entrem lá tem muita gente organizando pts por lá, se tu não encontrar me fala que eu te mando o link no privado
  9. Drop on Death

  10. Stream

  11. Nice Work bro! Like I said in another post I participate in a lot of groups in facebook from BR/ARG clans and some groups from other classics and it's A LOT of players that will join here.