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  1. Agree 100%. Some clans on chronos start wars even with this system.
  2. Amen to that. Great PR move to nerf them anyways and make DK the best class for farming, time will tell.
  3. It's good and bad, good is main can lvl a little faster, bad news is the server is going to be heavy with everyone logging alts to farm adena for l1000 I have to set up in DV just because of everyone and their dog is in toi 1-2 as it is without sayha.
  4. 1400 p def don't go far, Pet pots don't work and unlike summon class we can't heal the poor thing. It's turn on mass hate skill with 20 sec CD and burn pots like a mad person or watch the thing die.
  5. What about GE being 3 million like last red libra?
  6. Agree 100%, not to mention almost 0 quest. At this point it's like having PC set for mining. + to anyone who plays other games with this minimized!
  7. HK needs some way to heal panthers as DV, TOI2+ etc etc any agro mobs goes for panther and kills it with no way to heal unless having healer in party just to heal the pet. 3400 p atk at 399-499 atk speed is easy 50% our damage output.
  8. Two times in past week server went down while I was in AI, 400 l2coins down the drain for reasons out of my control and yet tickets get me no where only the blame switched to me. Fix the servers.
  9. Chill and clean the chip crumps out of keyboards and enjoy you guys weekend my fellow L2 gambits
  10. I blame no one only the ppl with 2-5 PC going with 10 boxes going in 55-75 zones farming adena. Enjoy!
  11. Only time I have an issue with l2 starting is if a app is open, minimize it and it works, then return to your other game. been playing another game with l2 open fine.
  12. 100% agree, seems ppl are QQ because they can't cheat or log massive toons from virtual PC's. Pretty sure keyboard and mouse macro was not allowed also.
  13. 16GB ram here and I get crashes at least once a day.
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