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  1. no spot to make xp lvl 77+ ?

    Lair of Antharas is still viable at 78 ( near the heart of antharas). Even with the nerfed exp, AoEing there beats single targeting at Gc/Devil's isle.
  2. That is a nice amount of good stuff, but i have some questions: This Exp table change will impact the characters right now? Last time you guys fixed the level 55 to 56, it was said that the exp would be added back to people that were 56+, and then you changed your mind and didn't add any exp. This time the extra exp earned after 56 will be adjusted/given back to the chars? ALso: the party bnonus increasing in 50% would mean that it wil go from the now 120% ( at 9 players) to 180%?
  3. exp required for lvl up

    The wikipedia is SEVERAL updates ahead of what we have. It is not very reliable on some stuff. Exp per level being one of these.
  4. @Juji @Hime Could you guys give us a report on the instabilities the server has been showing for the past weeks? 2 Maintenances ( one of them lasting almost 10 hours) didn't show any improvement, and the problems have consistently being felt on the servers : every single day this past 2 weeks we have soulshots lags and login problems ( can't login, or if you restart during the soulshot lag you get stucked on the loading screen, never making it to character selection or back into game again). We have been patient and hoping that the issue gets resolved but it seems like it is harder/more complicated than it seems, since 2 maintenances didn't solve it. Looking past it and into the future: 1- Is there any fix on the works or ready to be deployed ( next wednesday's maintenance) ? The soulshot lags have been happening during my prime game time, and if It continues, i would like to know so I don't buy the 7-days 100% runes during it and let it go to waste/ underused. 2- Is there a plan to compensate the losses sustained during this period? We got a lot of mass DC's, Inability to login, soulshot lags preventing us from keep grinding. 3- Is this lack of stability responsible for the lack of events on Classic? Are you guys waiting to fix it all so you can release an event or something like that? I feel like worse than all these problems is that the Staff isn't communicating with the community and that gives all the wrong feelings about all of it. Please, be open to communicate with us and make the forum a good place to hear our concerns and give us feedback. I know 80% of the posts in here are to either complain or ask for absurd things, but the Staff NEEDS to make the forum their primary source of communication with the player base. Answer the reasonable questions the players ask and give us clarity over what the plans are with our servers.
  5. Don't let us hungry for events, guys. The only good way to combat the "feeling" of the server right now is something to shake up the routine. And yet WEEK AFTER WEEK there nothing new being introduced. I am not even asking for full updates or Olympiad/Other castle sieges. Just some event. Drop event, server rate events, lottery event. A N Y T H I N G
  6. Is the game worth coming back to

    I can resume your post here. Live and Classic are grind based. You can skip that easily on Live by throwing some money. By some I mean A LOT). On classic that won't be that much of a case (at least not yet). But if you deslike the grind, Lineage 2 Official server ( which are considered "retail" or "1x") is not your thing. I know the nostalgia gets the best of us sometimes, but you gotta be honest with yourself: You wil need to play this game A LOT or spend A LOT. Are you willing to?
  7. I gotta be honest with you: You can't avoid pay to win playing Live or Classic here. On live, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars to start having some fun ( assuming you can level up to level 105~ which is the new "normal level" of the server). On Classic we are talking about couple hundreds every month( 1 month worth of EXP runes cost 11k ncoins = almost 150 dollars). The Classic server will allow you to at least not feel that much behind without spending that much. You could still put some good exp with only a 50% rune ( 30 days one costs 3k ncoins). But in the end, you'll need to spend a little bit more to be relevant( Are you DD? Hello overenchanted weapon!) Last but not least: You need to play with other people. Both versions asks of you to be paired with other players to be able to play. On live you only need 1 char to buff yourself(Iss enchanter) while on Classic you need a whole lotta of them.
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    Double Triple Exp Incoming. LF Confirm
  9. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    Every week my expectations are low but I still get disapointed Last "real good thing" was the Daily quests/rewards being adjusted.
  10. We got a mass disconnect right now
  11. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    By default, they shouldn't. I hope people don't buy them and find out they actually don't stack and lose their money.
  12. Yes. it is harder to sell them, but it is still good money. Let's see if the pendant's fever go away and the market gets better for these kind of items.
  13. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    A surprise, to be sure. But a welcome one.
  14. Now I don't know if you are being serious or just free trolling..
  15. The levels were updated from this last update, but the drops remain the same. You gotta trust me on that.