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  1. Some rushs my party did on the last siege: https://youtu.be/YRSaRnL-kAA
  2. Magical Tablets - Tower of Insolence

    It's bad enough that the Energies are already being droped, or even that there are mobs at TOI 7+ anyway.
  3. @Juji @Hime The event code got mixed up with the hot time of the rose drops ( ending at 00 server time) and is causing the Exp/sp/adena boosts to end it.
  4. As much as i can say about online forums and people's input on something, you will never see a lot of good stuff on it. The only people that really comes to forum are people who wants to either complain or criticize stuff. You won't be seeing posts titled " Hey NCsoft, I really loved your new event. Congratulations and the server is going great!!!!!!! " . People who are enjoying the server or having minor problems ( that's my case, some of my friend were bring affected by the latest server connection issues, but that was easily solved by using any ping program like exitlag, noping,battleping or wtfast) won't be coming to forum that much. We are busy playing, and when we aren't, we are doing other stuff. If you really want a GOOD forum, criticize the bad things and thank/appreciate/point out the good things. Then, when some new potential player comes to the forum check out the status of the servers, they can have honest and mixed opinions and make their own decision, Does the servers have bots? Yes. Yes they have. But they also have "normal" people who buy adena or items, and give these bots a reason to do so. Ideally, NCsoft should have at least 2 active people on each servers working shifts ( 8 hours each) scouting for bots, so they can be investigated and banned ( yes. NCsoft is a multimillionaire company that has to follow procedures and investigate stuff to then apply sanctions), but sadly that was never the case( maybe at the beggining of the free to play, with Shillen/Magmeld servers). In the meanwhile, report and move one. We are not the police of the game, and if we invest too much time reporting and trying to get people banned ( and faling to do so), that will only lead to frustration. Play the game, find some friends/active players to do stuff and hope for the best.
  5. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    The live servers are a lost cause for years, now. And that is not only NCsoft's fault. EU/RU servers have the same problem and probably it's the same on asian official servers: you do need money to play. The amount of content available right now puts a HUGE gap between a "normal/casual" player and people who either play 16h a day or can spend 1000 dollars every 2 months on the game. On one side, I have to understand that this game is made by a company, and the company wants revenue. It might not matter to them that this revenue is generated by 100 or 1000 people, if the revenue is the same ( hence the price on the items, and all of them are based on chance, so you might end up spending more than you think). On the other side, the content is very attractive, and if everbody could have the same items, maybe people would feel more encouraged to play the live servers...but that creates whole new problems. The classic servers are a new breath into the Lineage 2 franchise and has the power to bring back everybody who quit the live servers but are still interested in playing the game. As I see, NCWest made some mistakes handling their classic servers, but they also got a lot of things right and are showing that they are working towards improving. I sincerely hope that they can make more rights than wrongs until they can catch up on the content ( really use the correct client with all the functionalities) of the versions, and whoever stick around shall have a lot of fun in the process. Here is to hoping that they can keep the Classic servers clean ( no items/loot boxes on the l2 store, and ideally no tradeable items from it too), because the live servers will surely be going under until the next year.
  6. It seems like you will have to do a manual reset everyday...
  7. This didn't happen.
  8. Put the description of what each pack (starter,hunter,tracker,XP/SP Bundle) has @Juji
  9. Well, now you got me wanting people to put ncoins on their accounts and it appearing on mine! Damn it!
  10. Hot tip: Wait for the maitenance ( wednesday) and log in as soon as the server comes back! SUCCESS!
  11. Make sure you are logged into THE SAME account both in game and on the website. I know it sounds stupid asking that, but i'm almost 100% sure that is the problem. Even tho after you click inside the game to buy ncoin, it directs you to the game website, but it doesn't automatically has your account logged in. You said you had another account, so you might be logged with it on the website, and adding NCoins on that, instead of your new one.
  12. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    This situation makes me think about the lines outside big parties/clubs at night. A longe line of people wanting to enter. Then someone famous or a friend of someone who owns the club arrives and they enter the place without stepping into the line. And YET, nobody from the line gives up or wants to go away because they see those VIPs ( most of the time beautiful women, cause why not?) joining the party without waiting like them. That shows that the party is SO GOOD that people want to go in no matter what. Now imagine if all these people in line had to do was paying 5 dollars to enter for almost SIX MONTHS without getting in line/qeue. CRAZY! PS: Question: If everybody really do pay VIP ( those 1.4k people in Line, as people are saying here), what would happen to the server? the already max players logged in ( around 5900) + de 1400 in line would be logged at the same time, or what?
  13. Adena Rates Still Not Right

    Some mobs have normal HP, 2x,3x and so on ( You can see it when you target them). The mobs with 2x or more HP will drop more adena than the ones with normal HP, even at lower levels.
  14. Surprises me being able to do it in no grade/D-grade
  15. Low FPS with 1080ti and I7

    It's Lineage 2's fault. The engine is too old ( Unreal Engine 2) and they can't simply "update" it and use the new Unreal 4 ( the one used on Fortnite, for example). They would need to make a new game. If i heard it correctly, AION was going to be this new Lineage ( Lineage 3, or just Lineage 2 with a new and improved engine), but some stuff went wrong along the project and ended up being a new game. TL;DR: Your PC probably can't get any better than it is, (Even your SSD already is an M.2), and the game will still have some issues, it seems. Dial down the shadows ingame and change some textures/model detail/animation to average, instead of high. That should give you some breathing room while walking in Aden or during a siege...but that's it.