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  1. So the poorer you are, the more chances to get good stuff?
  2. Amazing answer and thanks for taking the time. How much does destiny pack cost there? How much erupting vitality potion, party cake? I also notice that they have 99+ deton, roses, shiny dragons etc and it would be explained by what you say. I am very tempted to describe nc but i will get banned.
  3. Is this how everyone has dragon weap, + 15 armor set etc?
  4. You better spend more money buddy. Take a loan of 10.000 dollars and you will be fine.
  5. For the collection system to be useful to us, oe gear must become a piece of cake cost wise and success rate wise. This needs drastic changes.
  6. Do you have any more info about how they work there? price of runes and other in game stuff that enables them to have all dragon weapons etc?
  7. Pretty much what i said the other day. I follow these two channels and check also the enemies and it is just ridiculous. It is like their success rate is 90% until very high and the ability to get items/generate wealth is a million times easier. if anyone has a japanese or korean GK like them, please post the channel. Cannot find anyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEUOuRgF1bk&t=3192s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu_23c28I8g&t=5192s Almost every single person in all of their videos is a god compared to us.
  8. Is there any source for enchant success rates, rune cost, prestige cost in Korea? How do they fare in comparison to us?
  9. Well if 5% spend more money than 95%, you know why we get this.
  10. It would appear that everything here is on nightmare difficulty level to acquire and the bonuses they get, we can get less and through thousands of dollars.
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