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  1. This happened after the emergency maintenance yesterday
  2. Probably along these lines: https://dev.l2central.info/essence/skills/
  3. For 15 years daggers archers and nukers have been carpeting everything and suddenly "it's not fair! :_(" ?
  4. what can you do with 8000 coins in game? Do they make any difference?
  5. By same as EU, i guess you imply it is 98% empty an it only caters to whales. amirite? I found a comment in EU forum from a russian that described how their essence was destroyed in 4 steps. I also found one saying that in terms of prices, RU is 2x Korea, EU 4x and NA 8x of Korea.
  6. They fact they are releasing the patch notes on launch day, is pretty much self explanatory.
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