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  1. Chronicle Package from Talking to Aden server

    Request #22099286 GM Primo Yesterday at 17:04 Hello there, We can only offer to transfer the whole pack if it is still intact. Unfortunately, since the Chronicle Pack was already used, we will not be able to transfer the item in question. We hope you understand. However, if there is anything else that we can help you with, please contact us. Kind Regards, GM Primo NCSOFT Support Team
  2. Hi, since the opening of Aden server im trying to transfer my chronicle package from talking island to aden server but the support says its imposible because i already used it on Talking Island server but i saw a post from @Juji and @Hime where they tell we can transfer the items trough support and they dont want to transfer it. Please help me im without spiritshots because i claimed them in talking island server and without my chronicle package too. I tryed to transfer it trough dimensional merchant but its says i dont have any chars Q: Can I transfer items from Classic Launch Pack between characters on the same account?Items in the Classic Launch pack can be transferred via the dimensional warehouse between Lineage II Classic characters on the same account.
  3. Same problem for me, ill retrieve them in talking island and now i cant have them in Aden Server