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  1. Hi guys. Is NCSOFT going to do something to make siege great again? We didn’t enjoy siege at all. Someone already uploaded the last siege video on youtube. Check it out https://youtu.be/Cvp2iLaY_44
  2. Hello guys, my post is good for newbie that's not sure whether he should play on Chronos or EU Core server. I played on Chronos for 3 months so far (spent 2k$ for the start). I know game developers must have revenue to keep the game going. Therefore, their revenue is more than what they do for their clients (Revenue>their contents for us). here is how the server is for newbies: Newbie starts the game and finish quests till 105 lvl with given gear from the finished quests. After that, more than half of them quit and the rest starts using their credit card. They buy nccoins and sell them to
  3. Heavy with bots who are afk 24/7. Some are new players till they hit 105. Then you won’t see them. Look for new players in higher lvl farm places. You barely see new players. What you think about buyer shops? There are buyers who buy new event boxes at some price. It doesnt matter the event is worst or not. There are buyers. Who the hell buys event boxes even though you barely make Adena? And where do they get that much Adena? Probably NC bots who let you sell your bought boxes with your ncoins. Compare sieges between official and illegal servers. illegal servers got more players playing in
  4. Well, I already spent few hundreds $$$. I'm gonna keep playing till I am not be able to lvl up. I'll finish exalted quest, and reach 107. I am not spending a penny. I can invest thousands of dollars, but seems like the server is dying. very few serious players left right now. the rest are bots till they reach 105 or 107, afterwards they are gonna end up leaving the server. NC is going to merge Naia and Chronos soon (for sure), then they are gonna shut down the merged server (NaChronos). I do hope, they are going to bring us better Lineage 2 (remastered). few years left.
  5. Hey guys, I've started playing again since last week, spent few bucks just to see if the server is at least same as 2/ 3 years ago. But it got worse than that. there were 2 or 3 parties for the siege in Aden castle last week. But what makes me confused is that why "few player" still spending thousands of dollars? why don't you guys boycott NC? I know you guys love it and don't want NC shut down L2, I love the game as well. I just want NC to reduce price of items and let players enjoy. everyone is botting for what? spending for what? just to kill mobs? LOL. I am sure there were hundreds of topi
  6. hello, guys I just got back to game. can you guys give me a guidance for end game gear for archer? and cost of all items. (like jewels, dragon weapon stage 1).
  7. All classes are good. I like my dagger, I can easily pew pew yuls
  8. Just make dagger, and enjoy it. all classes are good. Dont listen to QQ players. I am a dagger. I could choose archer, but I like dagger.
  9. Some of the things you mentioned is true, cheaper than here, But I am willing to pay more to have fun. anything that's cheap doesn't last long. Check out illegal servers. you can farm everything there, or pay 100 in dollars. you will have everything. But dead. I like here more than EU. I would play on russian server, but I don't know russian (.
  10. You quit one day, You get back the other day. Simple. Quit now and take a break, and come back to enjoy it. Your stress, and anger don't change anything. sry
  11. Yeah, same I quit long time ago. I quit a lot and I always come back LOL. I tried to look for good MMORPG like L2, or any other good game. Unfortunately I couldn't find a game that's like L2. siege olys. L2 is like a weed. LOL
  12. Yeah. I am gonna create a character and play there. but, Posts are making me scared of playing with lag, queue, customer service issues. damn :P. Since It is the most expensive game, I've seen my entire life, the game also got the problems. L2 is Real life. Armors cost more than clothes on me. Boots cost more than my sneakers. the problem they got is like Covid19. lol
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