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  1. best gear to get for othell

    All classes are good. I like my dagger, I can easily pew pew yuls
  2. Return to game

    Just make dagger, and enjoy it. all classes are good. Dont listen to QQ players. I am a dagger. I could choose archer, but I like dagger.
  3. Some of the things you mentioned is true, cheaper than here, But I am willing to pay more to have fun. anything that's cheap doesn't last long. Check out illegal servers. you can farm everything there, or pay 100 in dollars. you will have everything. But dead. I like here more than EU. I would play on russian server, but I don't know russian (.
  4. You quit one day, You get back the other day. Simple. Quit now and take a break, and come back to enjoy it. Your stress, and anger don't change anything. sry
  5. Yeah, same I quit long time ago. I quit a lot and I always come back LOL. I tried to look for good MMORPG like L2, or any other good game. Unfortunately I couldn't find a game that's like L2. siege olys. L2 is like a weed. LOL
  6. Yeah. I am gonna create a character and play there. but, Posts are making me scared of playing with lag, queue, customer service issues. damn :P. Since It is the most expensive game, I've seen my entire life, the game also got the problems. L2 is Real life. Armors cost more than clothes on me. Boots cost more than my sneakers. the problem they got is like Covid19. lol