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  1. the bow shot consumption is already cut in half leaving mele even in worse situation then ever before lol
  2. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Rare_Accessory_Pack#Open Box sooon
  3. problem is they setup so many paywalls, that all casual people are stuck at lvl 45. And made the adena so low trying to recreate whatever is live now where it takes you a year to bot to even put sa at mamon. But i think is pretty obvious that playing without shots is not enjoyable and all this casual ppl just gonna quit and they wont do anything about it. Juji is in his default mode, hiding cause he knows they are just over squeezing all the p2winners thinking this is a mobile game as if there is no alternative p r i va te servers that are 100 times more proffesional
  4. they did mess with xp rates also, didnt you know 55>56 u need double xp? and i heard there is more "walls" like this further lvls
  5. well russian server that started at same time with no boosts and all randoms are lvl 70+, how many exp runes/vip you think people would have bought here when ppl are able to obtain c b grade and use shots
  6. cause is evidently broken in ru and eu, so this is definetly a feature because they had to go through whole trouble implementing this cause live servers are +12
  7. well juji said himself and in patch notes it says 65 catas are open with mobs so idk
  8. just click far away wait couple seconds and use any skill, you will "port"
  9. 65lvl ones should be open, there is no 7s or ancient adena bs anymore
  10. sadly illegal servers dont have such issues since c1-c3 private times
  11. is even worse when u compare cruma, im sure is related to x hp modifier lowering x times drops or something silly and is not only adena but drops also, especialy key mats and full drops(killed maybe 3000 mobs that drop shaft at 1% didnt get one yet), but nothing gonna change until majority of pleb brs starts raging in mases
  12. i am wery well aware of ncwest practices, the soulshot placement in cash shop wasn't for no reason and it will just keep stacking. Just look at how live servers were, new event every month where people had to spend thousands to get items unobtainable in game to stay relevent, never enough. and you think couple hundred people paying 15$ a month will be enough.
  13. in theory works, in practice nop. This simply makes pay to play WITH pay to win store which will be even worse then live servers now
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