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  1. You guys bring a promotion when at least 99% of the server already have the dragon shirt lv1,2 or even 3 but do not add the only item that 99% of the players need, which in fact is completely related to the promotion we are having. Dragon shirt augment stones. NICE!
  2. P. atk/P. skill/M. Skill Power + X% can be translated to Damage + X%, u wont see any change in stats.
  3. If u guys didn't learn it from previous events and specially from the last protection boxes event, u're doomed.
  4. I might be wrong, but back then all hunting zones were changed but coal mines.
  5. Any of these have players in it. Coal mines is probably the most crowded place in whole l2, with tons of monsters per square and with a very high respawn rate.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W39TtF14i8I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sumZLwFXJqE
  8. Nerfing adena farm wont solve anything, as u stated before "in the end is same if u make 300kk per day and a item worth 1b or if u make 1b per day and the same item worth 3b.". We need a very thoughtfull adena sink. Everything besides crafting dragon/bloody weapons are free or not needed enough to create an adena sink. Everything is on l2store, not even SS that used to be a very basic adena sink is useful anymore. Why is it free to register in a castle siege or to join a dragon fight? Clan halls should be one of the most expensives things to maintain in this game. W
  9. i didnt get disconect once in the last 2 weeks. I'm from Brazil.
  10. Well, you definitely dont play the same server as i do. If u are in chronos i can cod u a lv2 brooch for 10b easy and make a good profit. lol
  11. 1. True, 4 out of 5 is enough. 2. 1 to 20 is just waste of adena the real bonus comes from 21-30. 3. You game play does not define how everyone should play the game, specially if u play in cp and want to help as suport and do some farming as dd. 4. "Decent rate", farming 150 boxes everyday since update arrived in 2 toons, got only 4 books so far. 5. Thats why we need it cheaper. 6. I'm in constant learning. U are one of the few who has the skill and dont want other ppl to close the gap or u just dont want ppl to progress in game, i cant see a positive side in kee
  12. We really need a Forgotten books event, they are selling for ~350kk in chronos right now. To put a skill Lv 30 u need 875 books so ~300b/skill for a non tradeable skill that u need to learn for both main and dual class. Thats just outrageous.
  13. As soon as the server went back up, a clan mate opened 150 boxes and got a +10 fallen angel ring. After that our whole clan was baited and joined the event. Guess what? a whole clan of players mad cause of nothing came at all. Worst event of all time.
  14. So we know EOP have 20% rate, and based on ur vid that opens 1k box... Dragons potion ~30% Freya ~30% Energy long ~5% Rune stone ~5% Angel Jewelry ~10% shining energy ~0,2% Talisman stage 3 ~0,2% talisman stage 2 ~0,3% I would say u have 98,5% chance of getting total garbage items and 1% for a common item and probably 0,5% chance for a good item.
  15. Increasing or decreasing the adena farm will only change how fast inflation will come. While they dont introduce a reasonable adena sink in the game the market will continue to be this madness. Everything new/good is obtainable only through ncoin, the adena only circulates among players and never disappear.
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