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  1. Chronos Castle seige

    There is no point in starting any fight when top dogs from ms have to be everywhere. Back in the day when zaken merged to chronos my clan was neutral, even after truffle lied to our entire clan and took most of players but the clan core, yet we kept neutral. Nova was the top dog, and Ms was starting to rise. So the days went by and one thing was very consistent, our small clan was lvling or doing small pvps with other ppl and whenever ms showed up they would interfere and kill both sides and claim to be the best, while Nova ppl just went by and let the game flow. This happen for months until nova finally collapsed. Now ms is the top dog, and they still have the same mentality where they have to prove to themselves they are the best every single time they leave town, and THAT'S WHAT KILLING THE GAME. Well guess what, ncsoft implemented tons of new OP gear in less than a year, and the great majority of ppl who could afford this are inside MS. I play tank, i dont have op gear, but 3-4 months ago i was able to tank 2 ms parties but now i just get one-shot by most nukers. Saying that i'm the strongest tank in my clan. So you want us to get our clan mates that don't have the power to exp alone in SoS or do Epic boss' for exalted quest to go out and be your fun at sieges? So where's the fun for them? I really don't know how to fix this mess you guys created, it surely isn't just stop trash talking. Trash talk or not, in the end the result wont change. U asked where did ms go wrong, well it did when followed truffle tatics of recruiting everyone no questions ask, even after beating nova. We had the best couple months of pvp in chronos with 2 full hours of pvp in aden castle every single siege. Even now, everyone crying for pvp, but if i pm someone from ms to recruit my cp, they will. Only God knows why! Scoobz cp left nova when they were already loosing, and ms invited them!! Dude why? you should have denied the invite on their faces and let them pick a third side or create one. Still, u ask where ms went wrong. I fell like i'm repeating myself every time i come on this forum. I have a request for you, @Norbit, u play tank, next Sunday i wont be able to siege, come and play tank for my cp against ms so u can see for yourself what i am talking about.
  2. Chronos Castle seige

    This is not Interlude my friend, its not about players numbers but gear. get all those partys and put them against zureil + weineterzon pts and u will see a massacre. Now i don't need to explain any further if u fail to see that u really don't understand the game. Saying you are not zerg just because u have less partys then the rest of the server but not taking gear in consideration. Wow, u must be a politician in rl to throw these kind of arguments everywhere and get ppl to believe what u say. It's easy to say so many nonsense when u are in the winning side. I'd like to see you saying this if it was the opposite. when fighting an enemy that can literally 1shot your whole clan, the fight last as long as celestial + ud, and your DDs hit everybody else for 5k-10k, and u come here and say you're not zerg? And don't come here and say MS is one clan vs x clans. I've lost the count on how many clans MS swallowed to be what it is today. Yet everyday i log in i see hero shout, "Ms recruiting" oh give me a break.
  3. LAG

    I don't know what they did with that 9h maintenance, but i haven't got dc or lag even once after that. Before was just impossible to keep a toon on for more than 3h. Probably the problem is on your end, check your connection, change your dns, change wifi password. Best maintenance nc did this year.
  4. You see, there's where you are wrong, The only one's asking for special treatment are the ones who can pay for it. What macro loop gives is a equal treatment to all. Anyone can use, anyone can be abused using it. If u don't like ppl using it. It's very simple take action and go disrupt his macro. But asking for devs to take action and remove it... Who's asking for special treatment now?? Also if u think "playing it for enjoyment" is doing af/helios/altar only and everyday. dude youre playing the wrong game. I don't need to win, but at least a chance to compete is enough to have fun. Btw u have given the worst example ever. Sometimes it's not that simple "if u can't feed a family, don't have a family". Boy, shit happens, not everything is under control. Maybe one day u'll understand that. I like you, Yidao, you're always bringing good and usefull information but this time you were unfortunate.
  5. Sorry, but i disagree. There are many interactions that afk macro can't do that bots can. Also if they were ppl would't be here crying about removing pk from afk macro. Also if u want the game to die faster, just remove it. You will see most of mid-tier players quit because they just can't compete with whales. Removing a feature that helps 99% of the server to farm, do daily quests, do some exp and etc... just to please a couple people who can stay all day in front of the pc while the rest of us have jobs and family to take care, that's nonsense. The only thing afk macro is damaging are the adena sellers, because now normal ppl can farm and adena price is dropping. I just realized, why are u so focused on removing macro loop even before extermination of real bots? 1st take care of bots then discuss about loop macro.
  6. These ppl crying about afk macro = bot. Dude, afk macro isn't the problem, any1 can go at spot with a tank and pull iss/dd. bam macro = off. The real problem are those full partys at refinary where u can pull/stun/kill but somehow they keep coming back. If u want take down loop macro, ok it's fine, but first remove the bots. But until there, leave it alone. And for those who are afraid to drop gear while afk macro, just dont go afk. If u want high reward u have to take the risk. Don't get me wrong, the pk glitch must be dealt with, but not like this. Don't fix a problem by creating a bigger one.
  7. Skill Power - how it work?

    if it was that simple... Yeah, it's in the skills description, but its not just like that. Otherwise a full stacked tyrr with 5kk patk would 1shot everybody or an othel would have no damage since even full stacked they hardly hit 500k patk ( they get boost from normal critical and not all skills get patk bonus, but still noticeable). the easy way to test it is to get a tyrr warrior and use mega strike and see the damage diference since that skill has static damage.
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Nice job! The best store update i've seen this far. Thanks.
  9. Dimensional Siege

    do u think because there will be only 1 castle everybody will merge to 1 clan and try take ms down?? haha they will probably just ignore dim siege and go xp or do rl stuff. The era where numbers changed something is gone, today 1 op feoh/archer can wipe an entire ally in a couple skills. hahahaha i'm dying to see ms split up in 3 different clans and take all castles without being able to help eachother... They can't do it even now with this free for all system, and no one attacking them. imagine nova knocking on rune doors and max at aden with u having 1/3 your forces to defend and still having to move ppl to defend another 7 castles... good idea, but how to count "actually did something"?
  10. Skill Power - how it work?

    nop, some skills are not affected by some stats. It happens that body to mind is not affected by anything. Just like healing skills doesn't get affected by M. skill critical damage ( like pom) All other nukes skills will get increased effects.
  11. Skill Power - how it work?

    The problem is that you're using the wrong skill to measure. I don't think that skill is affected by skill power at all. Only from skill enchantment. Also you're looking at the skills power when the real change is in damage or heal power. i have made some tests and 5% skill power to feoh = 5% dmg. i didn't have time to test on fighters skills but i assume it works the same. So, after all it doesn't matter if feoh skills have 500 power and fighter skills have 50000... Both will get the same increase in % damage. (because they probably have different formulas.
  12. I don't think so. why bother removing pk if there is no penalty? I can get 100% ress anytime. If i'm strong enough i can walk around pk all day long and not bothering looking at corners. pk > die > ress > pk again. maybe remove the 100% ress from pk, but that would only make ppl force pk you to delevel... The right thing would be remove this bug. Or when u choose "target monster" remove all pvp interactions, even target or hit (aoe skills) pk near you. U can be killed but u can't kill.
  13. Dimensional Siege

    Yep, give a dragon claw to the strongest clan in the game so they can keep getting stronger That really will bring back pvp... Do u guys even think before posting on forums, or just want start another forum drama? This might be the 20th thread about the same thing. Why is it so hard to come up with real good ideas? Here is one: Give randomly a claw to one of the clans that owns a castle, besides the current prizes. There are 9 castles, 7 ordinary + Aden and Rune, 10% chance each plus Aden and Rune with 15% each = 100%. Also makes it impossible to clans that are not signed for that castle to interfere unless they are the same ally and are defending a taken castle, also makes it impossible to ppl without clan to join dimensional. That certainly will make ppl fight for something that is useful and yet deny one clan to have them all. Or at least makes it harder. It took me like 15min to think of this, so it's is not that hard. Its not a perfect solution nor the better but it would work. nonsense, 200 box clan = 200 claws.
  14. I disagree with this. Don't get me wrong, this glitch that ppl use to make u pk and get your items is very annoying. I got abused myself, dropped almost 20b in gear. So I do understand the frustration. But the consequences of not having penalty for pk will just bring chaos and unnecessary drama to the game. Imagine a strong player roaming the l2 world killing anyone and everyone simply because they can and nothing will happen. There are many ways to end this damn bug, but removing pk drop is not the one.
  15. And whose fault would that be? All PvP players sitting in the same clan and the only place where u guys could find someone else in the same level of gear for you to fight u decide to be allies. So don't u dare come here on forum crying for merge when its your own fault that there is no pvp in Chronos or dim siege. Every dim siege is the same shit, QQQQ all over the & chat but still MS and DH choose not to fight each other. I could understand a pact of peace between the two clans, but helping each other and defending one another castles is breaking the game. Now i'm curious, what's ur plan after merge? Will ms choose to fight DH? Because as i can see now the only thing will happen with merge is the two clans making a gigantic ally or even merging. So ncsoft can finally shut down the servers because there will be no more servers to merge nor reasons to cry about dead servers. Wake up! There is no pvp because you choose not to pvp. Joining the winning side and bully low gear players is not what makes this game fun. What do u think that would happen when the most powerful clan in the servers send war to every single clan in the game? everybody would acc and a pvp party would start? hahahahhaha Cancel all the wars you have sent and let small clans breath. There are many players who want to pvp but they simply choose not to because starting a war would mean a clan disband.