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  1. Shield defense

    I am evas, but im thinking on rerolling to HK, i'll lose some patk from shield but gain a lot of critical and some patk from passives which benefit from br and others bonus ( the patk from shield is static). But im still in doubt Ty for the info.
  2. Shield defense

    Hey guys i've just changed my tank to a pve build on this new update im killing mobs quite fast for a tank. So i've noticed that patk bonus arent great on tanks but shield defense is very op... i wonder if u guys know any items, buff or consumables that increase shield defense beside own tank skills. So far i could remember: Guardian block from AP skills and Fortress talisman shield def. Do u know any other?
  3. Dragon Shirt

  4. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    well, thx for trying to help.
  5. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    yes they are in the same acc and i know the merchant has that option. My question is specifically for those runes. 200% exp rune 30-days and 200% drop rate rune 30-days from Destiny pack. Can i share them within account?
  6. I need the exp rune on one toon and the drop rune on another toon. Can i share it through dimensional??( runes inside box)
  7. Ok so first in my conception, respawn time definition in our game is the time between when a NPC dies and appear again. So reducing this time should imply in mob getting spawn faster. Pls anybody correct if i'm wrong. So, that being said. How the hell did u guys transformed NPC respawn time reduced in decreasing amount of NPCs by half ( or even less in some places) and actually INCREASING the respawn time? WTF? I'm no expert but i think someone from the communication team needs a replacement.
  8. That's ALL i needed to know. Ty Very much.
  9. because it's not x2 but x3... x2 would be 100%
  10. This doesn't answer my question... What i want to know is very simple, does the exp bonus is applied on the base exp, so when i use any other boost they will get bonus over bonus? This one doesn't make sense at all, can u show me the formula used? Sorry for asking this again but it's very important to know the difference. If this is a base multiplier than i'll boost the hell out of it but if is just a plain bonus like any boost we have in game, i'll just casually enjoy my exp.
  11. Can u be more specific? Will it be like a passive rune exp or the base exp will get increase from 1x to 3x?
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    So, zaken, freya and frintezza cannot be obtained in-game anymore, tauti ring drop rate is ridiculous, and besides trasken who the hell will crystalize anthy,valakas and lindy?? ( well we all know who...). One more ncstore exclusive item, and a very expensive one with game breaking status ( another one, hummn) Im looking forward to get one shot for 1kk dmg instead of the ordinary 500k, lol
  13. WTS R110 leather set

    Sell or Trade R110 leather SET +5 (120 element) taking offer mail here or InterceptorV8 ingame.
  14. ISS dominator skills not working

    Also when the flag is up u cant buff party, only clan members. Battle ditty and defense ditty are buffing all clan members at once and not each target. I don't think those are intended features.
  15. WTB/WTS

    WTB: +12 Bloody stormer +8 Bloody eternal leather +10 elmore ( P. critical damage) WTS: Blessed antharas earring +4 Blessed amarathine fists 2 sa