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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    So, zaken, freya and frintezza cannot be obtained in-game anymore, tauti ring drop rate is ridiculous, and besides trasken who the hell will crystalize anthy,valakas and lindy?? ( well we all know who...). One more ncstore exclusive item, and a very expensive one with game breaking status ( another one, hummn) Im looking forward to get one shot for 1kk dmg instead of the ordinary 500k, lol
  2. WTS R110 leather set

    Sell or Trade R110 leather SET +5 (120 element) taking offer mail here or InterceptorV8 ingame.
  3. ISS dominator skills not working

    Also when the flag is up u cant buff party, only clan members. Battle ditty and defense ditty are buffing all clan members at once and not each target. I don't think those are intended features.
  4. WTB/WTS

    WTB: +12 Bloody stormer +8 Bloody eternal leather +10 elmore ( P. critical damage) WTS: Blessed antharas earring +4 Blessed amarathine fists 2 sa
  5. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    I refuse to believe that we got 2 updates together with at least 5 new 106+ areas ( including a 111) and i still have to drag my pt to SoS to exp. This has to be a bug! If it's not, than i'm starting to understand why they removed grade penal...
  6. Dimensional siege

    DS now is only aden, yet all other castles still have owners and those clans cannot sign to attack aden. So, what will happen, will they count as defense hence no one can take those castles?
  7. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    you have ways to avoid that. While this affects 20% of the players the new change will affect 95% of it. The other 5% beeing the bullies.
  8. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    I wish this wasn't a good idea but standard process from producers before making such game breaking changes.
  9. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    Here is a simple form to collect players opinion over the new pk system. The forums doesn't allow to create pools, so i made a google form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScToYZ9PhvQH-uoOAYha89cMsXnaoFSDtHukkPZa6re8NRg_w/viewform?usp=sf_link
  10. Critical Damage received

    So, circlets of power have arrived again and i noticed that main stat given by radiant circlet of grace is "Critical damage received by -X%". So my question is very simple. Does it affect skill critical? Does it reduce M. Critical damage? Did anyone test it?
  11. Chronos Castle seige

    There is no point in starting any fight when top dogs from ms have to be everywhere. Back in the day when zaken merged to chronos my clan was neutral, even after truffle lied to our entire clan and took most of players but the clan core, yet we kept neutral. Nova was the top dog, and Ms was starting to rise. So the days went by and one thing was very consistent, our small clan was lvling or doing small pvps with other ppl and whenever ms showed up they would interfere and kill both sides and claim to be the best, while Nova ppl just went by and let the game flow. This happen for months until nova finally collapsed. Now ms is the top dog, and they still have the same mentality where they have to prove to themselves they are the best every single time they leave town, and THAT'S WHAT KILLING THE GAME. Well guess what, ncsoft implemented tons of new OP gear in less than a year, and the great majority of ppl who could afford this are inside MS. I play tank, i dont have op gear, but 3-4 months ago i was able to tank 2 ms parties but now i just get one-shot by most nukers. Saying that i'm the strongest tank in my clan. So you want us to get our clan mates that don't have the power to exp alone in SoS or do Epic boss' for exalted quest to go out and be your fun at sieges? So where's the fun for them? I really don't know how to fix this mess you guys created, it surely isn't just stop trash talking. Trash talk or not, in the end the result wont change. U asked where did ms go wrong, well it did when followed truffle tatics of recruiting everyone no questions ask, even after beating nova. We had the best couple months of pvp in chronos with 2 full hours of pvp in aden castle every single siege. Even now, everyone crying for pvp, but if i pm someone from ms to recruit my cp, they will. Only God knows why! Scoobz cp left nova when they were already loosing, and ms invited them!! Dude why? you should have denied the invite on their faces and let them pick a third side or create one. Still, u ask where ms went wrong. I fell like i'm repeating myself every time i come on this forum. I have a request for you, @Norbit, u play tank, next Sunday i wont be able to siege, come and play tank for my cp against ms so u can see for yourself what i am talking about.
  12. Chronos Castle seige

    This is not Interlude my friend, its not about players numbers but gear. get all those partys and put them against zureil + weineterzon pts and u will see a massacre. Now i don't need to explain any further if u fail to see that u really don't understand the game. Saying you are not zerg just because u have less partys then the rest of the server but not taking gear in consideration. Wow, u must be a politician in rl to throw these kind of arguments everywhere and get ppl to believe what u say. It's easy to say so many nonsense when u are in the winning side. I'd like to see you saying this if it was the opposite. when fighting an enemy that can literally 1shot your whole clan, the fight last as long as celestial + ud, and your DDs hit everybody else for 5k-10k, and u come here and say you're not zerg? And don't come here and say MS is one clan vs x clans. I've lost the count on how many clans MS swallowed to be what it is today. Yet everyday i log in i see hero shout, "Ms recruiting" oh give me a break.
  13. LAG

    I don't know what they did with that 9h maintenance, but i haven't got dc or lag even once after that. Before was just impossible to keep a toon on for more than 3h. Probably the problem is on your end, check your connection, change your dns, change wifi password. Best maintenance nc did this year.
  14. You see, there's where you are wrong, The only one's asking for special treatment are the ones who can pay for it. What macro loop gives is a equal treatment to all. Anyone can use, anyone can be abused using it. If u don't like ppl using it. It's very simple take action and go disrupt his macro. But asking for devs to take action and remove it... Who's asking for special treatment now?? Also if u think "playing it for enjoyment" is doing af/helios/altar only and everyday. dude youre playing the wrong game. I don't need to win, but at least a chance to compete is enough to have fun. Btw u have given the worst example ever. Sometimes it's not that simple "if u can't feed a family, don't have a family". Boy, shit happens, not everything is under control. Maybe one day u'll understand that. I like you, Yidao, you're always bringing good and usefull information but this time you were unfortunate.
  15. Sorry, but i disagree. There are many interactions that afk macro can't do that bots can. Also if they were ppl would't be here crying about removing pk from afk macro. Also if u want the game to die faster, just remove it. You will see most of mid-tier players quit because they just can't compete with whales. Removing a feature that helps 99% of the server to farm, do daily quests, do some exp and etc... just to please a couple people who can stay all day in front of the pc while the rest of us have jobs and family to take care, that's nonsense. The only thing afk macro is damaging are the adena sellers, because now normal ppl can farm and adena price is dropping. I just realized, why are u so focused on removing macro loop even before extermination of real bots? 1st take care of bots then discuss about loop macro.