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  1. Also would be nice to have a notification on the screen of who killed the Chest... u know, same person killing multiple mobs seems odd.
  2. You should change this, to randomly spawn with the same time but inside a mob spot and when a mob gets killed, otherwise its just going to be a bot farm fiesta, just like already happens in TOI. Let afk ppl kill it because there is 0 change legit players can win over radar bots.
  3. You are right, when the skill is up it will hit only 1 target. Its is not completely useless skill. If you follow a skill focused build it is a great dmg boost, also u can hit harder when killing boss' like kastilla raids. Nonetheless if u go pvp, auto attacks are useless, so skills are the only way to do something. But if u are starting right now, i do recommend you to follow auto attack build until u have enough gear/adena to swap to a skill build.
  4. could any of you provide the source for this update?
  5. Check clan missions, the repeatable are not rewarding the 6000 event coins.
  6. Yesterday i finished the etina quest line with a new character and realized that there is an option for etina solo instance. So i brought in my main toon and the option didnt appear. I've asked a few friends to come and test and they had the same result. Only the new toons who made the quest recently can see the option to enter etina solo instance.
  7. well, it might be because on the second print you dont have empower echo on?
  8. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses Very poorly designed for most classes but archer/feoh. That being said, this update removed 2/3 or even more of the spots in FoS, which were the only place to exp after 107 areas. We should have a lot more places like the strong area of Tanor but with the amount of spots like old FoS. Also, we need a place like old FoW for single target characters, with stronger mobs but a much better reward xp/sp/adena so single target toons can keep up with all the aoe from archer/feoh. I see archers shooting skills like there is no cooldown or casting time and clearing 2
  9. So months have passed since the skill was introduced. Have u guys noticed any diference or is it just a fancy glow and a waste of resources?
  10. haha self heal is the 1st thing they have implemented.... there are tons of different quick potions, elixirs, cakes and other stuff to keep u alive.
  11. 5 weeks might not be enough to get +10 lucien. Last time we had more time and could do it 2 times a day.
  12. I provided him information on what to look for because if i were to tell him the best item i'd just suggest to open his wallet and grab his credit card and look for whatever is expensive and fits the slots in his bag. telling him whats the best gear without knowing his budged would be only a useless effort on both our parts. but anyway, lets keep this post on track. u have provided good info on items. the only point i disagree is on heavy set, to me the cooldown, VR and skill mastery are still better than pdef and 5% critical. But thats my play stile.
  13. if i were to start now i'd go for creation + paulina ( critical dmg) rings, and +12 atlas earring +any other earring makes no dif in dmg unless u get a lindvior, and necklace u can go for octavis warrior or normal valakas and later for bless valakas. belt go for PvE attack and circlet of authority.
  14. he asked for the BEST hahaha also ppl in chronos asking 45b+ for r99 weapons, so its better to get a 110 for 90.
  15. If ure looking for the best gear that might get a little expensive. I can help u giving advice on what to look for and you do the best u can with your budget. As you're starting now i'd suggest you to pick a r110 fist (bloody at least +12) an elmore cloak +7+ and a couple of rings with critical damage ( trasken and ring creation), and also at least a +8 bloody r99 light set. Thats the base of your toon. After that when u have to choose which stats to go for i suggest always taking the biggest among the available options. After testing ( my own testing) i found out that P. A
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