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  1. 5 weeks might not be enough to get +10 lucien. Last time we had more time and could do it 2 times a day.
  2. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    I provided him information on what to look for because if i were to tell him the best item i'd just suggest to open his wallet and grab his credit card and look for whatever is expensive and fits the slots in his bag. telling him whats the best gear without knowing his budged would be only a useless effort on both our parts. but anyway, lets keep this post on track. u have provided good info on items. the only point i disagree is on heavy set, to me the cooldown, VR and skill mastery are still better than pdef and 5% critical. But thats my play stile.
  3. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    if i were to start now i'd go for creation + paulina ( critical dmg) rings, and +12 atlas earring +any other earring makes no dif in dmg unless u get a lindvior, and necklace u can go for octavis warrior or normal valakas and later for bless valakas. belt go for PvE attack and circlet of authority.
  4. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    he asked for the BEST hahaha also ppl in chronos asking 45b+ for r99 weapons, so its better to get a 110 for 90.
  5. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    If ure looking for the best gear that might get a little expensive. I can help u giving advice on what to look for and you do the best u can with your budget. As you're starting now i'd suggest you to pick a r110 fist (bloody at least +12) an elmore cloak +7+ and a couple of rings with critical damage ( trasken and ring creation), and also at least a +8 bloody r99 light set. Thats the base of your toon. After that when u have to choose which stats to go for i suggest always taking the biggest among the available options. After testing ( my own testing) i found out that P. Atk, P. atk critical, PvE damage, and element attack they all works the same as for normal hits ( not for skills ). So weapon SA's, dual class skills, AP points, or any other else stats that you might get to choose, always pick the highest. Basic stats go for STR 1st and than for CHA. If ure looking for a skill based tyrr than i'm not the person to give u advice. i dont have the $$ to test that build ;p
  6. No it is not. because if they really want pk you or your friends, sending war wont change a thing. They can leave clan and kill u untagged. What's the next move? send war to a single player because he is killing you and ur friends?
  7. how can someone grief u from a clan that has no war and u cant do the same? Are u only able to win fights when u dictate the rules? Fight them the same way they fight u. This only shows how low your game play is, instead of a good pvp u want gank ppl from hide with full skills on. Try to evolve as a player and change the game with you gameplay instead of claiming devs to change the game rules just for you.
  8. Dread issue - do you have it?

    probably number 2... hahaha But i think they though u were talking about skills instead of auto attacks.
  9. WTT +15 elmore

    WTT +15 Elmore Cloak + 7,5% P. Skill Critical Damage x 2 for same cloak with + 7,5% P Critical Damage x 2 PM or mail ingame: InterceptorV8
  10. no war no castle

    Agreed. Clan who don't wanna fight don't deserve to go to Siege. Agreed and the opposite should be truth. Clans who wanna fights others clans shouldn't be able to pve. I'm just using your own logic.
  11. no war no castle

    you all claiming clans with no war shouldn't go to siege. BRO do u realize siege field is PVP ZONE? why the F. would u need war if its already a pvp zone? Stop this freaking nonsense, swallow the tears and move on, got damn it.
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    Which u can fix it easily by changing the pk toon name to purple after removing karma instead of white.
  13. Dread issue - do you have it?

    well if ure saying so than we have diferent bugs. but maybe run a test, pull 1 mob from each direction and try to aoe them without winged spear and see what happens ( big monster).
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    If i read it correctly this wont fix the force pk problem. They bring a toon pk near you and when u cast and aoe attack, they somehow remove the karma before ur skill finish casting but the game doesn't realize it, so even though its name is white u kill the toon and get yourself karma.
  15. Dread issue - do you have it?

    That is a problem with a few melee monsters that have attack range more than 40, u can only hit those with winged spear on because it adds 80 range to ur melee attacks. Its is very annoying. I thought this update they were going to correct it with a new passive buff, but it seems it only increases skill range. I've noticed it only happens when hitting big monsters, like in field of silence, the spot where there are only dogs, u hit all small ones at once but u cant hit the big ones. I dont really know if its a bug or a feature, but it is very disturbing.