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  1. Yewels

    Most of this post is outdated, game mechanics on crowd control have changed, so unless you focus everything on confusion or strike ( weapon augment, cloak augment) nothing will change, and still u wont see much debuffs landing since 80% of the time ppl are invulnerable to any debuff. This is for pvp of course, but pve doesn't change too much because mobs either are immune to certain debuffs or debuffs land 90% of the time even without buffs.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    before server went down, the tab showed how many packs were left.
  3. best Tank?

    race is not that important, best class for defense is Elven templar
  4. Phoenix knigth

    What stats are u looking for? Men doesn't affect any skill landing rate. Some high level tanks use MEN+CHA dyes because they are already full HP and men provides some mdef, also they are cheap. Others like to run STR but if you dont have an over enchanted weapon STR wont change much for damage and skill mastery rate is so low that u wont feel any difference. If you're going for PVE than best status too look for are: Decrease Damage/PVE Defense > Elemental Defense (this depends on mob level and your elemental defense, but usually is better than pdef) > P. Def > HP. But if you're running PVP: Decrease cooldown > Decrease Damage/PVP Defense > Elemental Defense > P.Def/M.Def > HP This is just some pure information, u have to use it to build your tank, its not straight forward. But with this you have a base to choose what gear to get first and Dual skills and AP.
  5. Shield defense

    Can u provide some info, why? i tested all 4 and the best was HK by far. Even though it has less patk from shield defense it has a good trigger skill which increase critical dmg by 25% and panther debuff that decrease mob critical defense by 30%. The best combo so far.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    I bought ncoin for 2 accounts more than 8h ago only to get the blackfriday pack, but still didnt received a thing. There are less than 30 packs left! Why put limit on server demand if any of the items are tradeable? 1 per account was enough.
  7. Shield defense

    I am evas, but im thinking on rerolling to HK, i'll lose some patk from shield but gain a lot of critical and some patk from passives which benefit from br and others bonus ( the patk from shield is static). But im still in doubt Ty for the info.
  8. Shield defense

    Hey guys i've just changed my tank to a pve build on this new update im killing mobs quite fast for a tank. So i've noticed that patk bonus arent great on tanks but shield defense is very op... i wonder if u guys know any items, buff or consumables that increase shield defense beside own tank skills. So far i could remember: Guardian block from AP skills and Fortress talisman shield def. Do u know any other?
  9. Dragon Shirt

  10. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    well, thx for trying to help.
  11. Is Destiny pack shared between account?

    yes they are in the same acc and i know the merchant has that option. My question is specifically for those runes. 200% exp rune 30-days and 200% drop rate rune 30-days from Destiny pack. Can i share them within account?
  12. I need the exp rune on one toon and the drop rune on another toon. Can i share it through dimensional??( runes inside box)
  13. Ok so first in my conception, respawn time definition in our game is the time between when a NPC dies and appear again. So reducing this time should imply in mob getting spawn faster. Pls anybody correct if i'm wrong. So, that being said. How the hell did u guys transformed NPC respawn time reduced in decreasing amount of NPCs by half ( or even less in some places) and actually INCREASING the respawn time? WTF? I'm no expert but i think someone from the communication team needs a replacement.
  14. That's ALL i needed to know. Ty Very much.
  15. because it's not x2 but x3... x2 would be 100%