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  1. Can you tell us what the function of a Scavenger is right now? Serious question. My perception is that they are pretty much useless right now, given the severely nerfed spoil rates. Scavenger spoils were the backbone of the economy in Classic L2.
  2. Yes each time I try to login, the time it takes to go from 0 queue to being kicked increases. However, prior to trying my method, it would only get to the point of having 3 seconds to click my PIN in. After clicking around a bit during the end of the queue, I seem to have plenty of time.
  3. All I know is that I've went from not being able to login at all, to being to reliably get in 2nd or 3rd try. Could be random, but I'd need more datapoints to know for sure.
  4. So I, like too many here, have had a heck of a time trying to login over the past few days without having the client closing on my during or shortly after queue. For the first 2 days I was completely unable to login after trying for multiple hours both nights. The client would shut down either just before the queue ended, or within 1-2 seconds after (not even close to the "5 seconds" NCWest is stating on their support page). After a bit of trial and error I think I may be on to something. It isn't 100% guaranteed to work the first time (in my case it never worked 1st try), but by the 3rd o
  5. I'm not sensing any urgency from NCWest to correct this issue. Almost zero communication as to what the status of a fix is. Not being able to login due to a queue timer seems like it should be an obvious fix with emergency downtime to implement. We're getting none of it. Their "Lineage II Operations" twitter is dormant, not even a mention of the issue. What the hell?
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