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  1. I left the server when dragon pendants have been announced. Today I logged after next game update and created new character and what I see? Items in shops are worth 0 adena. I got quest to kill 300 monsters in Ruins of Agony so I came there. Every spot is taken by Elemental Summoners bot. It is impossible to kill manually 300 monsters and these bots are getting adena when normal player can't. I am happy that I stopped playing here in right time. See you in next some years, bye.
  2. Adenas Fix Fail pls recheck

    Could you tell us where are the places to farm anything in this game?

    3 windows will back soon, but xign... it realy does not matter
  4. I don't think something will change for better in the near future. On live servers they started reducing drop some months after GOD was released to fight against bots and the drop is still low. On classic servers drop is low from begin after 40lvl and we can see summoners bots in many places. I logged into game after last update and I don't even see xigncode.
  5. Do you like to play on server where is no drop/spoil and the only way to get something is a store?
  6. Why did you open classic servers if you lead them the same way as live servers - bots, low drop, p2w?
  7. Our classic servers adena rate is almost the same as live servers Item drop is not much better.
  8. Packs will work if I start on Oct 10th?

    You will get serial code on 3rd October. You will be able to activate pack in later time.
  9. SpellBooks

    Spellbooks for skills 1-39lvl are available in Gludio grocery store. Some skills 40+ requires spellbooks which drops from monsters.
  10. Hi Classic - Some Questions

    Probably a update will be required after maintenance on 3rd October. If classic servers will be released during the weekly maintenance, we will have some hours before servers will get on, to download changes. Since live and classic version will use same client, size of the update should be not so big.
  11. Classic stream on Friday

    11 AM PDT https://www.twitch.tv/lineage2us
  12. Loop macros are useful in some cases. Just targeting NPCs/monsters should be disabled.
  13. Game Client

    Yes. All servers will use same client.
  14. Game Client

    You can download the game client now. http://lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com/LINEAGE2/Lineage2Installer.exe