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  1. body crush bugged

    Body crush is supposed to remove 1 buff if target is stunned, and a dwarf used once on me and removed 9 buff in one shot.... is it normal since skill is saying remove 1 buff?
  2. Clan War system

    does my clan members have to be lvl10+ for this, this morning they killed five time a lvl 10- and war didn't go in a 2 way war.
  3. Clan War system

    i would like to know how the clan war systems work on classic, when you send a war to the other clan do they need to accept it, or is there a way to provoke it since they don't accept it and prefer to grief or pvp only when they got more people or higher lvl...
  4. LF people from Lionna !!

    Fleas from BW
  5. Clan Nostalgie ( QC-FR )

    je serait interesser, nous sommes 2 QC avons jouer sur Lionna aussi, et je suis un anciens BW aussi.