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  1. Maximum level was not 70?

    Blazing swamp has mobs lvl 71+. Priests Alive. This means there's probably no hard lvl cap atm when they said max lvl was 70,didn't specify if player or mobs, BUT someone already lvl'ed to 71, There's raids 75 and mobs 71+. They also said max is B grade. Doubt it. There's Priests running arround alive which should drop A grades.
  2. New Classic please

    Open a p2p server with p2p "normal" rates and no f2p VIP system. Oh wait.. There's already a server like that...
  3. Maximum level was not 70?

    Pretty sure it will drop. I've seen "Queen Ant Drone Priest" alive on this server and she has A grade drops. I doubt NCWest changed her drop list.

    Hmm Fight Club?
  5. Mage with bow, casting speed ?

    That's the normal effect from Weapon Mastery that mages learn. It goes way back to like interlude afaik, probably even older effect. The effect give you P/M atk by % and Flat depending on lvl and reduces cast speed on bow only. Can't remember % tho.
  6. 20PM to 0am~1am Looking for 2 Mages, future SRC/SPS or SPH and future Warlord 24+. We have all other classes taken: Future OL,BP,EE,BD,SWS and Necro + Box Emp Lvl46 PM ingame: Envyzor or Discord: Mitchel#3748
  7. I assume it's probably because of ping but i never experienced this kinda of behaviour before. What happens is when i click to move most of the times the character walks and stops immediately. Same thing for the attack action, alot of time my character attacks once and it stops for no reason and i have to press the attack command again. Is this a ping related issue only? Even my mates ingame notice my wierd movement in game. Playing from Portugal on Giran Server. Another portuguese friend of mine experiences the same issue. Other ppl that i know from poland, sweden etc do not encounter this behaviour. VPN is the only solution? How do i check my ping to the server?
  8. Attendance Check??

    Just started 2 days ago, pretty sad all the event are comming to and end. Feels like being a new player after a month of live server is alot harder then the other way arround. No packs from launch. Events ending. Ports will cost adena in a week. Where's the incentive for new players?