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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    How thoughtful, thanks
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    7 seems reasonable, hopefully in 1 -2 weeks i can make 7m for a bop than
  3. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    I play an archer, BoP is 12 mil ( the cheapest I have seen) without othel 6, and with Othel 6 I have seen a couple going 25 mils. And I have been studying the BoP market for a week now
  4. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    I play on Giran.
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    OK since is feedback time I might share my 2 cents... While I am new to Classic, started last week, I am an oldschool Lineage2 player, I have played on retail from C2 Teon till Goddess of Destruction. Here is my take on Classic thus far : The Good - what is good about Classic - - It throws you straight into memory lane with that C1-C4 vibe. - Many quality of life changes from the old days. - The new leveling up experience on low levels feels right. - The freebies while they are not much they help a lot. - The removal of grade penalty for armor/weapons feels nice since it allows you to tackle harder content faster. The Bad - what i dislike on the current iteration of Classic - - Removal of crafting soulshots by dwarves. - predatory pay2play tactic - - Eventho' the drop rates on key materials used in crafting ( armor/weapon) are very low they are not worth adena on NPC shops. With what sort of economy, besides cash shop, have you designed this feature ? How are we supposed to make a profit and tackle higher gearing tiers when drops are literally worthless ? - Adena drop rates are incredibly low. ( for a lvl 40 to afford the daily LIMITED soulshots tickets (300k adena ) is required a couple good hours of grinding and you barely end up with the money needed for the tickets and no other profit. - The instant exp scrolls that we get from daily kills are really nice, but why not match the exp with some sp ? We end up with exp but low lvl skills.... - Low to no solo dungeons like paliaka/kamaloka that rewards even low and mid tier players with some loot or a chance for gear upgrade. Why dont you guys make a series of kamaloka dailies or, hell at this point, even weeklies, where players can get some sort of loot to actually feel some kind of progression ? The Ugly - how i see the classic experience overall - Classic servers are on life support, not enough healthy player base to maintain the server maintenance and development team and that is the reason why the game itself is even more pay2win than Blade&Soul. Actually this model is not even pay 2 win, is pay 2 be able to do content. If you guys played Entropia Universe, that mmorpg where you have to pay with your credit card for bullets, well, is the same model on Lineage 2 where you have to pay with credit card for soulshots. I was willing to return to Lineage 2, due to nostalgia, quarantine, whatever. But what I am seeing is just a predatory monetization system that forces you to keep spending in the cash shop in order to play. There is no economy at low levels, there is NO incentive for new players to deal with the, so well known, terrible Asian grind. Back in the day you would make adena, get key mats to sell on Giran, get quality loot now and then, there was a reason to grind, but now you get nothing. From 1 to 48 in a 3 man group, between all 3 chars I got 1 pair of Plated leather Gloves as a drop. In 48 levels. And that is all. I dont even wanna mention how I am staying on adena. B grades are just a wet dream. Hell, not even a dream, imma quit before I am able to make like 12 mils for a weapon....How to make those money, from what ? I need to be 76+ to be able to do some content that might drop some loot I can sell, and how am I supposed to get there, in d grades ? Cash shop sells stats on amulets, cloaks, hats, you name it, they have it in cash shop. I get it, you want to milk the dying cow as much as you can. But for the love of God, let the non whale-ing people have some sort of income, atleast to maintain the soul shots costs. Without the non whale people you would remain with a playerbase of 100 persons. Those 100 whales wont pay your bills alone. Those 100 whales will get fed up because there is no one to b1tchslap ingame with their credit card and they will quit. Tone up the adena rewards, let everyone afford shots, you already have plenty of "must buy" things on your predatory cash shops. An easy example would be the blatant things like infinite quivers, they used to be sold by every npc, now cash shop only ! Tell me that is not predatory tactic ! In all my honnesty, I have good memories with Lineage 2, and it will remain my "sweetheart" when it comes to pvp in any any mmo, but at this point you stain the image of a once great MMO, with all the predatory cash shop you implemented.