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  1. join me for a minute

    Gimme' a cheeky breakdown
  2. join me for a minute

    What did you do that's so amazing just out of curiosity ?
  3. Hi, I’m going to start up on Giran and I’m just wondering whether someone could advise whether to play Tyrant or a TH with a boxed PP? I’ll be soloing with my box 95% of the time. I know there’s an issue with both because you can’t afford the dagger or fists for a while! I have experience playing both and enjoy both, but I want to know which would be better I’m the current patch/server situation. thanks in advanced for any replies.
  4. Friends account locked ?

    Good afternoon, My friend, who also can't post on the forums has submitted a ticket over 24 hours ago and he's still not received anything back ? His clients working as he can log into his buffers account but when ever he tries to log into his main it comes up with the exit button and that's it? Can you please offer an explanation and or a resolution, please ? He's bought a chronicle pack on his main account, so him just creating a new account isn't going to be a viable solution, any information would be appreciated. Ticket number: #22000760 Thanks iamCookieDoe @Juji