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  1. We have a friend with the same issue, the worst is, after he send all the information NCsoft ask, they send a mail saying the information is not enought to confirm the purchase... So the info they ask is not enought? He gave to NCsoft a last period to unban the account, if not he is going to unknown the payment and declare as fraud. (Cause that is in this case, a fraud) This is not a purchase like a private server, this is a purchase and you are not receiving the service you bought, never forget that. Good luck and hope you restore your account soon, you are not alone on this
  2. Unlocked Accounts

    I see this is a diferent situation, cause look like your account do something, in my case, my friend, buy ncoins, and cause of that get a locked account. looks like ncsoft do not have customer service.
  3. Reported!

    Now another friend log in after the lunch break we done, and he have the report debuff too. Nice...
  4. Reported!

  5. Adena Rates Still Not Right

    My god I cannot believe there is ppl still crying, now with this drop adena ration the game is very easy and still crying? Please stop destroying the game, or just a few ppl going to still playing.
  6. Unlocked Accounts

    If you are talking about the account locked about "suspicious Activities" We have a friend who get banned two accounts, one about 8 days ago, and the other about 3 days ago, the reason was because NCSOFT cannot find if the payment with the credit card he done was real of fake. Yesterday afer lots of days, and 2 accounts locked, they answerd him asking for billing information, now he is waiting again. In the meantime the 30 U$S pack he bought in the first account now is trash cause he start the new account, and in the second he is losing time of the exp rune. Hope you find a solution early but the 24 - 30 Hours delay Hime say are fake, the real timeline to answer is 3- 7 days if you are lucky. And when you get answered for sure they are going to ask for information and must wait another 3 - 7 days.
  7. Hi, its possible the windows where you must complete the captcha is not working? Cause i receive in one moment that i have to complete captcha but the windows never appear, but a friend have the same situation and after a time get the report debuff. (In my case i never receive the debuff) Thx in advance.
  8. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    @Juji Hime, please take care of Account Blocked/Locked, I have a friend who get locked his account cause he buy the chronicle pack, thats a nosense. He buy the pack and the next day lose his account, waiting almost a week for an answer in both mail (the web and GM team provide me), with no response. We lvl him another character, decide to buy AGAIN the pack, and gets banned the next day. Waiting now for more than 30 hours, still no answer. Please be serious with this matters, cause he buy a product 2 times and he is not getting what he buy, instead of that get an account lock cause a security fault. I send you a PM about this situation, cause at this moment we just dont know how to solve this problem, sending mail not working cause we are waiting for almost a week , I send a ticket, not working too cause im not the one who get the lock, but the owner cannot send a ticket cause cannot log in his account... thx in advance,
  9. Nice answer, cause you dont know how to use the adena, Im a liar. Nice..
  10. Srry maybe i write it bad, we only pick up a NG drop, the 2 D grade weapons we buy it with adena, before 30
  11. I see lot of ppl crying about havent got Gear on lvl 30, we have 2 D grade weapons on lvl 30 and we have bad luck on drops. But well, if the cry is so loud, well... the rates will change for sure, sadly.
  12. Im with the same Issue and its not my first time, I do not receive any mail. Any idea?
  13. Xp/sp rune

    No, same items never stacks. Even the time of use is diferent, the item is the same