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  1. Hello everyone! Here is an easy fix how to log in to servers until our beloved NC West fixes the issue. When game client starts you need to spam "Enter" button on Num Lock. Enjoy your game!
  2. ApeX is now looking for CPs melee/mage 6/9-9/9 any prime time. By joining us you will have full clan support, we will make sure you get the best exp spots available at your current lvl. PM me here on forum.
  3. 1.5 still fun to play, somewhat usefull in 1v1 or 9v9 pvp, absolutely useless in mass pvp and PvE. Later updates do not boost this character. Wanna waste lots of time then go gladi and reroll later.
  4. NA Classic Server should have NA time zones for comfort and convenience of NA players, we have been waiting for it way too long now, who wants to come join the fun gonna have to play by NA time zones at their own convenience. Thank you.
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