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  1. This is exactly what they want you to do. Please continue spamming the refresh key until further notice
  2. do you realize you are streaming yourself waiting on something that has "NO ETA" and has been delayed for 10 + hours? lol
  3. oh , you will surrender. I doubt you're going to be staying awake for another 24 hours while they say "eta is....no eta"
  4. +1 , also this applies to the server starting
  5. I highly doubt you've ever done anything to a red besides get pked by it, spam how you'll kill it later, and accuse them of being a "private server player"
  6. The rarity of getting something really good off of a red makes it that much more memorable the 1 time you do actually get something good and it does happen more often than you think. Reds get careless, people go red at raid bosses. etc The chance to drop some piece of equipment that you are wearing is much higher than 1/5278. Try 20% Quit babbling on in every thread about how nobody ever gets anything off reds just because you haven't. Get good.
  7. there are plenty of examples on ru and eu classic official where reds dropped epics / weapons to their enemies actually, but to me it's irrelevant who picks up the drop when debating whether to modify the existing rules of L2, that in my opinion just shouldn't be tampered with. (dropping items while red is a trademark of L2 that i'm glad they left alone.)
  8. this is by far the most important thing about this server being an "NA" server. The times for crucial server events such as daily RB spawns (every single day of the work week, and on an EU server spawn at a TOTALLY inconvenient time for any american players with a life at all) need to be very ideal for all NA players, and very inconvenient for RU and EU players,(eg. sieges at 5-7pm pst / cst. since this is after all an NA server by title. The times must be made to correspond to what the server is being advertised as. It is the MAIN reason I am interested in jumping OFF EU CLASSIC. NONE OF T
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