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  1. Well, as I've said before, I know for a fact a friend have sold his so at least to me it isn't new. Since i've created this post I got to know 2 more people who have sold and bought one for adena (and no, not to each other lol). As for the ncoins to $ conversion, I don't really look into since I do not play to get $ or ncoins, just ingame Adena Anyway, after judging from other transactions, name, level, points (50% to next level), I would place the minimum offer I could listen without blocking the 20 bil. I can't reveal that but it is an old clan, from Devianne's era
  2. Thanks for your reply! Actually there is interest, the only problem is there is no realistic frame to make negotiations. For example I know defacto friends of mine who sold like a year ago clan level 7 for 7.5B and back then clan leveling was easier than it is right now so by doubling the hardship and accounting for inflation i'd say that those friends of mine could have sold now for at least 12b. But there is no price frame. So far I get a few questions of what I am asking for it, but I have no frame to where I can make reasonable demand. And I got a couple of offers which I found offen
  3. Hello there! I have a clan level 9 with all skills for its level and it has 1/3 of the points needed for level 10. I would like to know what is the price it can fetch if I sell it.
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