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  1. Guys ? Anyone ? And which support i have to make ? Im thinking SE For Empo+Mana, EE for mana and clarity, PP for Acumen+Bless Soul and bd
  2. With SOES+10 and Zubei Set and Int+4 wit+4 i have a good M attack so i oneshot mob i think, but how about cast ? Im really undecided, with Zubei is not good make +5 wit and +4 int ? for more cast ? Or Avadon and +5 int and +4 wit ? and what about mp preserve ? i have 1 se with me
  3. Hello guys, i wanna talk about set-up of SpellHowler for PVE. Im LvL 45 atm, i need farm and exp in solo or (with 3 friend max) i want see a best setup for pve. Which Armor Set is better ? Which Dyes ? Im undecided to, Avadon Robe // +12 Wit Dyes // Weapon +10 B grade. Doom Robe // +12 Wit Dyes // Weapon +10 B grade. Avadon Robe // +8 Wit / +4 Int // Weapon +10 B grade. Zubei Robe // +12 Wit // Weap B +10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. @Krissa MasterCard is good for PvP ahahahah @Buldos Yes i will make SPH and SE. For my friend is better Tank (DA) or Elemental Summoner ? U mean Elf or Human summoner ? I dont understand what u suggestion for my friend second account Bladedancer or other buffer ? i make already a SE
  5. How much can cost Daimon Crystal +10 ?
  6. Hello guys we are two friend wanna start today on Giran server i think, i think i will make a SpellHowler (for my Main) is good for PvP ? And for farm ? Which second char i have to make for not go crazy ? Shilien Elder ? And what u suggestion for Main class of my friend ? and for second buffer/supporter ?
  7. @Teon Cuz i dont want play hard and then dont have fun and stay only with Npc
  8. Ok thanks, i will know which classic server is more populated
  9. @ Teon Grazie per la tua risposta! Dove posso controllare lo stato VIP?, Non so se iniziare a Giran o Talking Island .. @Tool_of_Society ty u too man! I have other question, there is "Auto-Farm" ? How i can make gear if i dont need Spoil/Craft ?
  10. Hello all guy's! I will return after 5 years on official server i played on Naia, i see some years ago open L2 Classic, i test it on some UnOffi server, but they failed after 1/2 month so i will return stable on offi like old gold time I have many question to asking.. - Have sense start now on Classic Server ? Which (Talking Island or Giran) from NcSoft , (Blue or Red) from 4Game ? - Is so difficult play without a CP ? - There is new player start everyday or is just old comunity ? - How purchase work ? I can spent like 100/150 euro every month, there is Premium Account or
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