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  1. Hello, I need to create an account but constantly get this error message: Account Creation Failed. You are not authorized to create an account. (tried on different browsers, tried different emails, two computers) Please advise
  2. Disconnect

    Three computers, three different internet providers, two parties - one char (out of four logged in on that PC) - leading tank got disconnected and two traders on another computer (different ISP). Doesn’t seems to be internet issue on our end, as it’s just one or two chars per computer/ISP is affected. @Juji @Hime please give us some info, is this being investigated (not in the coffee manner) or we all have to stop playing for couple of weeks (I don’t want to do it)
  3. Disconnect

    Support do only "we will investigate" and drink coffee, I'm developer - I know!!
  4. Disconnect

    I noticed that every time after maintenance there is random disconnects next few hours, but lately this doesn't stop after few hours as before. I skip first day or two after maintenance now
  5. Same here in Bulgaria (we are in Europe too ) @Juji @Hime Any idea when this will be fixed, it's impossible to login the entire day.