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  1. Just now, Juji said:

    1. Won't be added to L2 Store as this item was not intended to be sold according to Devs.

    2. Cheaper than previous versions. 300,000,000 Adena now.

    Thanks for the fast response, will there be any news on any L2STORE update? Since I know a lot has been removed, anything new coming?

  2. 1 hour ago, Sharlanna said:

    So I equipped my Rudolph Agathion tonight that I've had for years and he no longer gives buffs. WTF... it use to. Seems like every time I log into this game these days the devs take the fun out of one thing or another and it sucks!

    If it is indeed the old one, it must be out for at least 20 minutes before it will buff.

    If it is the new one, it won't buff you.

  3. Been away for a around 1.5-2 Years, just came back. Have a bunch of odds and ends I never gave away when I left I'm looking to get a Valuation on and Sell.

    - Anakim Set Pack (Has barrier and appearance for 30-days)

    - Alien's Gulp Potion (3k HP back instantly no cooldown)

    - Enhanced Octavia's Earring - Warrior

    If interested in buying, mail ScreamR ingame

  4. On 25/01/2019 at 4:40 AM, November said:

    Diablo 3 Tried this and it failed, now I know other classic alternatives have it going, though I frankly do not think we need to turn this into a wallet slamming, wallet throwing, credit card swiping battle.

    Already is my friend, level difference is the strongest weapon in classic, throw your credit card at the game and grind to be higher LVL than anyone and you win flights, not to mention higher level = better farm, meaning better gear.

    Adding tradeable/giftable items in the shop won't make this worse, will make it better. Players who can't afford ncoin but are hardcore 12 hour a day players can buy exp boosts of casual players with money to burn as an exchange of goods.

  5. No. It's intended for lower levels to have ease of travel.

    Also, when all towns become siegeable will have taxes and other reasons to use different cities. I'm surprised no1 uses MDT for shops since it's free from every town for all levels.



  6. 4 hours ago, Dhol said:

    Sooo what about CHs and Gludio Siege in January? Those are still turned off. How are we supposed to have Gludio siege this Sunday (assuming so because you said it would be in January) while we can't sign to it?

    "end of January when we introduce the Gludio Castle Siege"
    Id assume they're adding it next Wednesday which is the last maintenance for January, and the first siege would be at earliest February 3rd. 

  7. Obviously neither of these will probably happen, or at least anytime soon. But here is the pros for them.

    Tradeable NCStore (Or gift option)

    - players will favour this to RMT with illegitimate sources, even if ratio of Adena:$ is less, since it's legit.

    - L2 store gets more purchases

    - might, but probably won't, help to reduce RMT spam and RMT bots.


    Loop Macros

    - will have less QQ on forums of banned accounts. I understand maybe 5% of people on forums may have been banned on accident, but the rest were players who decided to try a bot to keep up, got instant flagged, panicked and now think life is unfair. Loop Macros will give an alternative to this.

    - loop Macros also, unlike what people think, won't let you just afk farm forever like on a God server, unless it's highly tuned over time, and you have a large party all macroing in sync, which you could just kill 1 and the whole party fails. It's more of a benefit for boxed buffers to autofollow/buff/heal. Or shout on shop alts.


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  8. I'm sure a lot of the math could of been found somewhere, I couldn't find it lol, so I just timed everything to give to you all and can see.

    Normal Fishing complete Cycle: 2 Minutes
    Monkey Fishing complete Cycle: 30 Seconds (4 Times faster)
    Monkey Fishing also adds 16.7% more exp per tuna than you get from regular fish, and 6% more than fresh fish. Add that to VIP4 and it becomes 26% - 36.7% more exp.

    The 4000 Ncoin pack of Monkey bait will last you 7 non-stop days of fishing before you run out of baits.

    EXP scales with levels obviously, but tested on a level 27 characters exp results were:
    Normal Fish - 874 EXP
    Fresh Fish - 961 EXP
    Tuna Fish - 1020 EXP

    Regular Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/2 = 30 Attempts to fish @ 903 exp = 27,090 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success
    Tuna Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/0.5 = 120 Attempts to fish @ 1020 exp = 122,400 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success

    So if you're willing to throw some money at the L2Store for EXP purposes, this one isn't so bad, not to mention the Tuna you get will fund your soulshot use, or can sell to other players.


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  9. Almost every update/fix implemented has gone wrong, and something is broken.

    Already an 'Adena Fix' was implemented, and only found out after testing that it was just a big fail, and back to the drawing board.

    What we need is a Public Test Server (PTS) that weekly just clones your live account characters to it, or allows you to just talk to a NPC and set your level for testing purposes.

    This way, while you work on a true 'Adena Fix' you can get instant feedback from players and adjust accordingly, same with all other Fixes/Updates that will come down the line.

    Just my thought, Bump the post if you agree.


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  10. I understand NCWest's Classic Lineage 2 is a separate entity and variation of the classic experience than it's competitors such as Innova, NCKorea/Japan/Etc. However why not use them as a reference point for adena rates, Skelth, from my experience had quite balanced adena rates.

    The issue I see right now is that you guys are 'Spot Healing' instead of making Blanket Changes. Instead of looking at 1-2 Zones and be like yeah we will patch Cruma Tower, and Forest Of mirrors, but lets not bother with Enchanted Valley or Hunters Valley, etc. It really messes up certain zones/farming spots. The adena scaling needs to be addressed across the board, all zones, all level ranges.

    Even if you choose not to match the rates of other projects such as Skelth, they at least have a Wiki available to you to compare to your project of where we are at, and where we should be closer to.

    As for teleports, should be temporarily permanent until Adena is 100% dealt with.

    A simple way to see the huge disparity in adena is compare Orc Barracs (lvl 24-35 zone) to Vanor Silenos outside Aden (55-65 zone)

    I get 250-600a per mob in Orc Barracks, depending on the mob level and strength.
    I get 300-600a per mob on Vanors (at this lvl 1500-2000a is what your competitors do, and even then after buying shots/potions etc, still takes a long time to farm)

    You shouldn't be struggling to make 1kk at 60+ when gears value is now in to 10kk+ range. Nerfing the Adena rate atm is only encouraging RMT.

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  11. 5 hours ago, ConSacerdos said:


    • Is the player only kills Prowlers and ignoring Giant Venomous Spiders?
    • Even if the player kills  both Prowlers and Giant Venomous Spiders - if it does - it's probably with One Hit so the bot won't get poisoned.
    • Is the player KSing like crazy? (Try KSing back, a normal player would curse u prob - or at least engage on some form of communication)
    • Ask him, pm "Are you a bot?" (Usually a real player would respond to a question like that)



    This one is terrible. I'm a mage, I also 1 Hit spiders to not get poisoned lol, not really a bot technique.


    If you want to find the problem bots, go to spots most players avoid. Bots tend to try and farm in areas less traveled since they can bot longer without recourse. Most big farm bot companies expect to get banned, its all about life-time of their bots.I know when I did my mages class transfer at 20 out near Wastelands in the hills there was a bunch of bot parties there cause no1 goes there. The only reason I found them is a quest NPC was there.

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