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  1. I can understand this can be frustrating for non VIP, and even VIP players at high server capacities. However there is no 'Solution'. Servers have set player limits that I don't think the Devs at NCWest are authorized to change without permission from Korea and the servers are just extremely populated. This is a good thing, we all know the future of all servers is population will decrease, unfortunately for the launch queues are gonna suck, I suggest joining one of the new servers because in 6 months to a year, they'll probably merge anyway.

  2. I know half the players won't care, and the people who don't use the L2Store will just cry that 'Bugs Should be fixed first!' however, adding items to the store takes no time away from bug fixing.

    This is the one Classic Server I've been on that had next to no accessories purchase able, its crazy. Please add more Hair/Face Accessories, Facelifting potions, hair style potions etc. obviously a beauty shop would be sick, but I know no other Classic has it, so chances are slim we'd ever see it.

    @Hime @Juji


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  3. @ZygiA the main thing you're forgetting is there is currently an event going on atm for Boxes, allowing players to obtain top NG/DG/CG items. This has added a influx of items that normally wouldn't be there. When this event ends, and you're left with nerfed drop rate and adena rates, no-one will be able to farm gear properly unless you make constant 9 man parties and use no soulshots grinding light blue/green mobs. In which case in a month or 2 you can afford your first C weapon for 1 player lol.

  4. The admins have already stated multiple times that they're unable to look into tickets for you. They do not have access to player accounts, and information about on-going tickets will not be shared with them due to disclosure of personal information. Their technical support service is terrible, but its the only one's who will be able to answer any of the questions you seek.

  5. I don't know I love classic, I love hardcore, but the big draw to coming back to the grind of days past is that back when the game was this hard, it also was rewarding. You felt a progression in your character and the game. I'm currently still having lots of fun since I have a stockpile of soulshot from the NCStore, however when this batch runs out I won't buy anymore since it adds up over time, I should be at the state now at my level (Just about 30, with a top NG weapon) being able to successfully farm with shots every now and then, plus a few healing potions etc and still make a few thousand adena on top of that per buff round, but this is just not the case.

  6. So not a flame thread, and I know the dev's are already 'Checking if the rates were intentional' however just wanted to point a few things out about the rates that might have already been mentioned or not just so it's out there when they're discussing the rates with the devs.

    So being someone who has played other official classics, our adena rate (This is the only one I can really 100% confirm, can't check drop or spoil properly) is at 35% of that of other versions of classic currently available.

    Now this can be for one of three reason (With solutions, because when you present problems, you should have solutions too) that I have come up with.

    1. We just never got the 'Adena Hot Fix' that other classic servers got when they went from 1.0 to 1.5, when they realized the adena rates would not work for the longevity of the server.
      Solution: Implement this 'Hot Fix'.
    2. Purely Un-Intentional bug with our version of the server
      Solution: Find out why, and resolve.
    3. Due to our server being Free-to-Play versus Pay-to-Play we have 'Alternative Rates' compared to KR, RU, and EU. Thus the rates being intentional. Due to the fact that these rates will not support an economy for very long, there must be a way to balance it out or else RMT will just be the only solution on the server which will result in just more botting, less players and eventually no-one playing much like the state of live servers.
      Solution: VIP will affect not only drop, but Adena/Spoil rates to lift them to that of a 'Paid Player'. I know a lot of people will hate the idea of a 'paid solution' but if its intentional based on the service model, there needs to be a way to get the proper rates.

    Now before we get a lot of people saying things like 'The rates are fine, you shouldn't need blah and blah, or i know people with top gear already if anything this is too easy! Blargh'. Early game play drops are much easier and will support early stages of the game, also with the current drop event implemented 'Memorable Raid Event' there has been a larger than normal inlfux of N, D and C grade items into the market, that would normally be much more far and few in-between.

    So while you guys work out current issues, and still discuss things with the dev teams @Juji and @Hime please take this post into consideration.


    See you guys in game.

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  7. Great post. As someone who played Skelth and other classic servers in addition to playiyt live servers since c1 (Still have my old box set with the CDs lol) the exp/Adena here does seem  like it was reduced in comparison, however, when your rocking 50-150% boosts to your exp, and no boost to Adena you are basically saying I care more about lvls then Adena anyway. From 1-24 with full boost constantly I made about 50k not including drops (that's merging my main and boxes Adena together). If I didn't have boosts that would of been around 100-150k, which isn't insane. People just forget how to play classic servers without perks because it's been so long.

  8. I'm a NA player, and will play here because they will accommodate my game play being a NA publisher of the game. NCWest already proved they're trying to accommodate the EU players by adding a +1 server as well as having the 'planned launch' around a reasonable time for EU players. Unfortunately its not great for you now, but still decent for NA players. They're going to do their best to accommodate you even though they can't officially support you. But never expect updates/maintenance times or anything to evolve around the EU Timezone. It wont happen sorry.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Winterfressh said:

    Why make a GMT+1 server then? Smells like rotten scammy scammy scam

    Smells like your a nooby nooby noob. They made it cause all you euro players cried for it. Don't expect people running a game from, and within NA for NA players while living in NA, to adjust patch releases, and updates to European timezones. If you want to play here get used to it.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Winterfressh said:

    To be fair they could have told us that they won't open the EU timezone server in EU timezone. I took my last holiday day of the year off for Wednesday.
    Thanks @Juji and @Hime for ruining it. Gj

    They did tell you this. They told you this when they specifically said they only officially support NA. So all releases will be according to NA timezones. Be happy they made one of the servers GMT+1. It will still release same time as TI. All patch notes and maintenance etc will follow NA timezones. Get used to it.

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