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  1. Lineage 2 is just old and poorly optimized. Visual lag is normal sadly. If in town press alt + p to tab between your settings and lower detail. Towns are usually the worst.
  2. Oh buddy I got my expensive rig, my laptop I use on the road, and an old laptop from years ago, hah only reasons i keep my old laptops around are for l2 that way I can have cam toons, shop toons etc. And just use my good PC for my main and box
  3. This must be new, about a week ago I had no issues. I'm on the road right now for work so have only been logging into my main 2
  4. You guys are derping hard and missunderstanding. When they say there will be a 3 account limit, they're referring to box limit, not accounts you can own/use. They're using the same limitations as on live now, no changes. I have like 15 accounts I can log them in, with a limit of 3 at one time, but any combination of the 15, this doesn't matter.
  5. I never said bro, but that's cool. Also just because the popular choice on Skelth was ES for its AoE farm, and ease of usea and they're now the higher LVL (Top) Summoners doesn't mean they're the best for PvP. But it's fine like I said everyone is entitled to their opinion. In a Korean style PvP or normal field PvP a warlock will do more work than a ES, hands down.
  6. Cool story, I have played classic. Thanks for letting me know though. I also was being honest in my statement. PS Is the BEST single target DD for Summoners, and warlock is by far the best PvP Summoner. ES is the easiest summoner, but it's not the 'best' in either of those two categories.
  7. Your understanding is correct. PR will hit hard, and because of this kill faster, level faster and use less adena on shots because it will take less to kill. They're the top PvE Archer for sure. In PvP they hit equally as hard and if they go un-noticed can do lots of work. HE is the most ideal PvP archer for the fact he is more tanky and well rounded. His damage isn't anything to laugh at, and will still level fast just not as fast as a PR. A HE can get away with being noticed earlier and take a few hits before dropping down.
  8. Your entitled to your wrong opinion. PS is by far the best single target PVE summoner. And warlock is a beast in PvP.
  9. Is no 'best' what do you want it for? PvP, aoe, single target, or?
  10. It exists on all forms of classic, so it was expected. This is normal. Auto-learn is completely different and would mean SP is useless and spellbooks are useless. I hope they never add auto-learn skills.
  11. If you watched the live stream or posts about key information from the live stream, he stated they haven't decided on a time yet. My guess would be sometime after maintenance around noon EST.
  12. Just re-watched the stream, specifically the Launch Pack and VIP potions, this was not mentioned at all in the Video. If you see it mentioned let me know time stamp. But this is just fake news.
  13. No. Launch pack has nothing to do with VIP. Spending NCoin gives you VIP points, you don't use NCoin for the Launch Packs. (Gonna go watch stream again i see other posts now about people saying it, I don't remember hearing this though) Just re-watched the stream, specifically the Launch Pack and VIP potions, this was not mentioned at all in the Video. If you see it mentioned let me know time stamp. But this is just fake news.
  14. Other forum posts about this, posting on forums won't resolve this, your best bet is to go through the support section of the website. To my knowledge this is yet to be resolved. Some people can, some can't and unsure why. Only thing I suggest is maybe try from a mobile device instead, or clear all your cookies and saved web data and try again.
  15. He did not cover this in the stream however I remember a while back someone asking about certain skills that were not available originally in 1.5 I forget what ones, and I remember Hime saying we have them. So I want to say we will have 2.5 Skills, but it was never officially covered.
  16. He showed himself learn a skill while in the field, that's not auto-learn skills though. That's just being able to learn Skills without going to the NPCs.
  17. I'll always be T4 VIP but won't be because of shots lol, will be all those exp stuff LOL i'm gonna be max casual so need all the boost i can get.
  18. Lvl 10 you can do free weapon quest for gear (All races starter town), as of right now there is no SS quests, there is no Kamalocas, and there are no pets in classic. At 25 there is a D-Grade armor quest for non-tradeable D armor (Quest is called Moon Knight in Gludin).
  19. I agree it shouldn't be in the store, but if you watched the live stream, the cost of the soulshot/spritshot its crazy, unless you plan to dumb $30/hour of farm with shots they wont be purchased often, unless the market is dry. Since it's not tradeable.
  20. If you have never played 'Lineage 2 Classic' and I don't mean older chronicles, but the new game type of 'Classic' then there is more info given that I won't cover here. This is more for anyone who knows what classic is, and missed all the QoL changes for NCSoft Specifically, as well as important information being passed on during the LiveStream. 2 GB Launch Day Patch Be prepared, Juji confirmed there will be a 2GB Patch right before launch that will be required to play. Level Cap is 70 Unlike other classic servers cap will be 70 not 75. Not a huge deal this is many
  21. Looping macros help everyone, having a PP able to follow you and not get stuck on stuff as easily, and having it able to heal you after x delay or buff etc is super useful while farming. Not everyone gonna do a 9 man macro party, hell watching most people try is hilarious because the fail and everyone dies. Stop removing things because 6 kids cry.
  22. Yeah can you like, not. Why change the game for the kids who cry. Looping macros help out everyone. having your prophet follow you with auto follow macro or heal you every 5 seconds while in a fight is just extremely useful. Now we lose this because what, like 6 kids cried? Jesus.
  23. Or, they're just preparing vip for the future, enticing players to subscribe into it early.
  24. I'll keep this short and sweet. 1. Skelth is an official classic server, not a private server. Innova group started euro based lineage 2 servers when Goddess of Destruction launch. 2. NCWest only officially supports NA players, however you should still be able to play like you have in the past if you're a member of the UK, only certain countries are ip blocked. 3. There are changes, however in the version we're starting on with. Classic 1.5 you'll find a lot of it more familiar that you think. 4. Casuals always have a place to play, just don't expect to be leveling c
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