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  1. No official post on QoL changes released yet, so we don't know if fishing or auto macros will be there on launch yet. Friday they're doing a live stream to cover this info.
  2. @Devoid dude are you high or something? Yes I've played classic, up to the antharas update. Seven signs update is new to skelth. We are staying on 1.5. half the info you're spewing out your ignorant ass is from future updates so far down the road, that they have nothing to do with the state of the game at launch. There will be no quests for shots as you show, catas won't exist yet, so just chill the bleep out. You're the one spreading false information, since these things will not exist yet in game. We're starting with 1.5. the fact that it is using the god client has nothing to do with the se
  3. I would say its safe to say Drop only. Drop means drop, Spoil means spoil and Adena means adena. Which 50% drop at below 20 sound sick, but after that 50% of 0.0001% is still just 0.00015%
  4. @Devoid Please stop posting false information, especially since you clearly don't understand what classic is. I just read through the posts you have been making/asking and since it seems no-one has responded to you I will. 1. They're not removing things from game to make it harder. Classic is not GoD its a completely different game. Necros/Catas don't exist in classic, a lot of leveling zones wont exist in Classic 1.5 Top gear is B because that's how it works. Back in the day you had players 75+ in C grade. Don't compare this to GoD, it uses the same client for graphics purposes, the m
  5. The Pet System does NOT exist in classic. Only classes that can summon, will have companions. If you don't want to box a support class, find a friend who wants to play support main. This is your only option.
  6. They should have just added a name reservation to those pre-purchase packs
  7. Hey @FatHipsI recognize the name can't remember when I was playing with you last though lol. But I also agree. If this means what we think it means, they need to fix this. You SHOULD be able to drop on death to mobs. Here I'll tag some admins so they take a look @Juji @Hime
  8. Both Gladi and DA are viable in both PvE and PvP. DA Good for solo and tanking bosses, and good in 1v1 PvP and good distraction in mass pvp. Gladi has Ranged Stun which is op, and ranged AoE, it also does good damage single target.
  9. True, but they will still play because not everyone cares. Also a lot don't play Skelth because it Blocks NA players, and if you use a proxy to play you break the EULA and have a chance to be banned. Not saying they would ban you but, who wants to spend months hitting 70+ just to get banned.
  10. Well it's not a rune (Although they may add runes to the L2Store idk) so won't be able to just tell. However I see this only being an issue the first few weeks if that is the case where everyone is lower lvl and its super easy to fill raids and people actually fight over them. After that hardcore clans will enforce their members to have it, and random pick up groups people wont care as much, especially for lower raids where they will be just trying to fill.
  11. if spoil bring SE or EE for recharge, if Maestro go PP
  12. We always welcome more people to play with, we have no plans as of now to start our own clan, we will probably look for one in the first few weeks of the server opening. Right now we're all just buddies who have played L2 with each other off and on since 2004. We are 95% NA Players Canada/USA with a few in Europe.
  13. Yep, that's why im scavenging it for 1.5 content before it disapears and putting it in a document
  14. http://www.twitch.tv/yulrun - I wont be streaming until the 7th of October however, as I'll be away for work till the 5th.
  15. here this is from my google doc for my friends, I wont post the whole doc since it has a private discord info and other secrets for us, but here ya go Starter Weapons and Quests (Level 10) Weapon Type P. Atk M. Atk Race Quest Eldritch Dagger Dagger 11 10
  16. Sure Take your time its a long road. Box a buffer for when you solo play, or if you plan to main support, box a damage dealer to help you level when not in a group. Do your Races Free NG Weapon quest at lvl 10 Don't buy D-Grade Armor, save your money for a weapon, you can do a quest for 'Moon Armor' at 25, its basically free D armor without set bonus but good defense. L2wiki.com/classic is good, but its already updated way past Classic 1.5 unfortunately so can be hard to find some stuff for this version.
  17. Most of Classic's Events involve hunting / farming, so don't be too worried.
  18. You can check out the Lineage 2 wiki - Http://https://l2wiki.com/classic/ Few things to think about with classic 1.5 Weapon Special Abilities don't exist yet. Giant's Cave and TOI have not been added yet Only Races in game are Human, Light Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf (Kamael and Erthia do not exist) Top grade items are B grade You will have to craft from parts of D for set bonuses, and top D, you will need to craft C and B. EXP is slow, much slower than C5 expect around a month+ to hit 40.
  19. You will be allowed 3 Clients per computer. Classic will be using the same client as GoD, and this is the restriction imposed on the client, this will not change.
  20. How about we stop thinking up custom things to add and play the game. SE/EE/Bish/Prophets already have value to add to players its called Buffs/Heals/Recharging. If you think you can play without those things good luck. Mana pots don't exist in 1.5, they will in future updates as intended, but like stated they are not cheap, in fact crazy expensive so they wont be abused like a private server.
  21. Once again this would have to be on a server that had already been up for a long time. For the amount of work it would have taken them to hit 40 in that 1 day is insane. That's something someone does as a challenge or to prove something, its not something people would constantly do.
  22. Its a great story, but its not physically possible to grind to 58 in 1 day. This also wouldn't have happened when Skelth was fresh. They might have hit close to 40 in 1 day, on a max of 5 characters if they where busting out full EXP boosts on classic 2.0 or higher (not 1.5). They would have also required a high lvl buffer and gear or bringing mobs wouldn't mean anything when you do no damage.
  23. Kind of, the 1% are actually account sharer's I've seen it on all Classic servers, even the sub ones. It is legitimate 24/7 playing. Someone creates 2 Characters, the most common for this set-up is a SH and a EE. One person will play it constantly for 4 hours, and then switch with another live player called a 'Driver'. Most people who do this method have 3-4 people who play the same 2 characters. it allows them to legitimately play 24/7. Then you will also have EULA abusers constantly playing. These people will constantly be higher lvl and geared then most of the server, but its not a terrible
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