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  1. After test my toon farming, I didnt feel almost any change in dps. anyone else feel the same?
  2. Easy. Is just a GM killing you... or maybe a god of L2 who is punishing ur toon for a sacred reason far away from our knowledge. or maybe... just maybe... your toon die for the obvious reason: ur failing making a macro with just autoattack + provoke Take a look if u are using mouse/keyboard macro + ingame macro or use all ur skills without kill mobs and when you are in a "normal" state, kill mobs and pay attention if you can handle.
  3. Ok. I will take my note book and write about this awesome info. BTW, how many times has you been pked there? If you kill dragons, you can farm like 50b daily, and ofc they have just 20min of respawn! If u take zariche/akamanah weps, you can farm 35-40b daily, everyday!! ofc, 20min respawn! Dude, stop QQ and unistall the game. This isnt a game for ur mentality.
  4. You right. We live in another times/period, thats why we have macro system, instances, quests with good rewards and really good free stuff. Even when you have all those boost for new players, this game still be try hard. You dont need all items in game, just enough to have fun. Enjoy the game.
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