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  1. If you see the full video, you can see this things: 1. min 12.18 you got 564k damage, afk or not, will be oneshot anyway. If your clan ask war and then go afk, it's not my problem 2. maybe your clan mate phanton can give you some advice (min 5.29 3 died 3 times.... ) afk? nice joke 3. yes it's true, old player's are different, they fight for pvp, instead cry and ask gm to ban me Enjoy!
  2. Update: october - november pvp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyA-rOYnn7E
  3. Yes, i prefer to post full battle and dont cut only our win. Maybe someday you will be able to do the same, if you will choose a side, since with your equipment and the advanced lvl of skill's that you have would be a shame to stay pve only.
  4. Little video from naia, september siege, and some pvp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbzK6G2MhKo Enjoy! iLunas
  5. Nice event, ty. Enjoy : Talisman – Heaven + Kara's Talisman (10-day) Top-grade Talisman used by Gran Kain's high-ranking demon, Kara. P. Skill/M. Skill Power +5%, P. Atk. Critical Damage +10%, P. Skill/M. Skill Critical Damage +10%, P. Def./M. Def. +10%, Attack Attribute +70, and Skill Cooldown -5%. The Dark Energy is slowly reduced, so it cannot be used for long. If Advanced Skill Cooldown Talisman, Advanced Attack Attribute Talisman, and Advanced Skill Power Talisman are equipped at the same time, only the effect of one will be applied.
  6. +1 Normal gear can farm easy 1b adena/day, the game still up after many years... l2 is the best longevus game ever (like wow), you can enjoy party for pve, pvp, olympiad, siege.. what you need more? I play fifa 21, 2 match, and i get bored, if i start l2 client i can play no stop 3/4 hours or more with fun.. The power of lineage 2!
  7. Very nice event, thanks! We need this comunication, next month red libra, ty juji :D
  8. Archer class will be like some year's ago, no skill, just crit with normal hit Btw when you will fix the cage of cursed weapon?
  9. Hi all, on server naia, aden square every 2 weeks i see 1 bow +25 R110 clean (w/o used ticket for restore), so easy to enchant nowdays? Oo since ppl sell it "just"for 600b-900b? Check image below: https://ibb.co/wc0DnLx There's 2 options: 1: someone got trick or cheat with ladybug 2:gm weapons? What do you think? Pheraphs it would be better to investigate that
  10. i think gm should ban people using cheat for sell adena. and exe...in the video you admit to using third party programs!
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