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  1. @Hime@Juji Would you guys post the exp tables please?
  2. Thank you! @Juji and @Hime and the Dev Team :)
  3. For exp, run your solo instance, daily instances, etc. Then for afk exp your best bet is going to be using a runaway buffer and doing small parties of 1/2/3 people. The exp until you get to ketra/varka for a party, is going to kill your exp. Sadly the lowbie areas weren't designed for parties.... so just pick a spot you can kill effectively and efficiently - faster kill speed = more exp
  4. How about... We keep the servers the way they are. We don't need two EU-based servers from a NA-based company. We already have NAIA as the EU hub and if you're really unhappy with it, move to Core. Leave the times as they are.
  5. ChopCity is looking for another fully geared DD (110/111+) to join our clan and CP. We are running ALL dailies, ToI, Ketra/Varka, Raids, Swords, Sieges, and much much more! We are looking for someone who has invested time and money into their toon and can carry their own weight. Respond in post/Private message me on forums; or PM/Mail Me in game "QueenSmiles Thank you and I look forward to dominating with you
  6. +++ + I agree - the probability of items crafting, coming out of boxes, or any sort of the Gacha mechanics in this game. It would at least give me an idea of what's worth opening and what's not. It's rough to spend money on a game that relies on strict gambling when you don't even know the probabilities of gambling. At least irl in gambling you have an idea of odds. NC, please post probabilities by the percent.
  7. Update: CPs looking for 2 Healers and 1 Iss, 107+ - NA/USA Time - Discord/TS required.
  8. I agree, please extend this event or at least enable supports to somehow farm this instance more efficiently. I get that we are not DDs, but no matter how buffed/geared I am at 108, I can't get above C grade in the 105...as a tank. It's ridiculous. I want the bracelet as much as anyone.
  9. And in case anyone is concerned about being in a 2nd CP. We are solely trying to build a 14 man constant group of people who want to build and grow together.
  10. 2nd CP - Recruiting Iss, Dealer, DD - 107+ Looking for North American/English speaking 107+ players who are looking for a family-like group to play with to finish off our second CP. If you're interested DM, PM (QueenSmiles), or comment here on the post. Discord and TeamSpeak required! Much love y'all <3
  11. I'm gonna need 12 of the Handy Dandy Balls please. Right before sieges too. TACTICS NCSOFT TACTICS
  12. Ando, It sounds like you're mad about losing a dragon and your precious shiny adena... You really should have clicked faster. GF.
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