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  1. Juji say us what is purpose? Or it was just to make slowly loging/can't log at all? When i will get my money back for losed VIP days? Or you steal our $? Main job thieves...
  2. same here 4/5 days and i bought new boost when day "fixed" and now again CAN"T LOG https://imgur.com/a/HM9HiFI
  3. YOU WON"T GIVE BACK MONEY FOR 4/5 days i losed? And now after maintenance again??? https://imgur.com/a/HM9HiFI
  4. REALLY? I lose boost 4/5 days. And now after maintenance new boost i loosing? IS THIS JOKE ???? AND YOU DON"T WANT TO GIVE MONEY BACK???? Don't delete my POST! https://imgur.com/a/HM9HiFI
  5. Really? I'm curious WHAT YOU WILL DO? Refund to everyone Boost etc.? (who was in game and who was not able to log in)??? Maybe ROLLBACK??? If you refund to everyone it's not fair. And this ppl who can log in now have advantage.... BETTER SHUT DOWN server 2 week than allow like this...
  6. For you it's Science Fiction. I will educate you how it work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGjG0bTngQo
  7. Why you avoid pvp vs me? Record me any video where you even catch (not kill) any rb atleast 85-101 random respawn. STOP talking bulshit if you avoid PVP vs only me. I would show proofs if NCsoft will not delete that post like every time they do. I think i explained enough. Everything after it what you can talk is simply your not knowledge.
  8. That's also true. But again even if they know but they are legit they can't fight vs cheaters. Anti hiding scripts, anti back stab scripts, and all other things what exist on the black market. So what they can do? Copy paste them buy 1. buy gear 2. make lvl 3. make some experience 4. buy script and maybe you will WIN maybe. If your script is better
  9. I know dude, guy who farmed 5 years ago in NAIA farm today also. Nothing change same RUSIAN family there. WHY they allow rmt and cheating. Lets guys FROM NCSOFT to answer us.
  10. You are simply noob or simply licker ass of 4 ppl in server who keep all rbs 85-105 RUSIAN FAMILY (exeqtor, overdps, ashes aka dodge, and va1iant aka gradpa or w1nchester) You want to say me only 4 guys in server have top gear and buy in l2 store? Do you know how they buying? Spending $? NOT Spaming WTB NC WTB NC RTM-ers Wanna to say you more noob lets go check in NAIA atleast fixed time resp rb 101lvl (BECAUSE RANDOM RESP RB YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE) why? Because you are simply NOOB 2x rb 101 lvl in 10sec DEAD!!! 1 guy (eviscerator). LETS DO PVP ZONE! As i said you again. BIG
  11. Hahaha Good JOKE ok Give me your nickname in game. Lets do pvp 1vs1 to show you who am i, what gear i have and experience. Please
  12. Will you pvp zone help you in case look at video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-09gorx8RJA RB spawn after 5sec dead till you call clan mate for pvp 10rbs dead
  13. Ok i will start to draw. 1. In that video i didn't saw any pro guy with eviscerator reloged teleported with full buf etc. 2. Where you will find ppl for pvp or your clan mates so fast 3. Meaning so fast ( RB spawn random right, you and your cp have my tp everyone to every rb? Have RB alarm? All are online in same time?) Anyway i would like pvp zone just to prove you will lose again Same guys who kill now will kill again. Thats why i said remove RB's from the map and notification 1000x i will repeat. So noone can't know what rb up when etc. Run and check if is alive. MORE c
  14. You wanna say to us you are BIG what G@y? Give us some prove how you kill any rb. You are simply one of G@Y's who cheating, or you just have not seen anything further of Aden Town.
  15. Haha Ok make it pvp zone i will 1 shot you every time i see you just give me your name.
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