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  1. @Hime Hi, Is there somewhere either on this forum or on the main website that tells us how many of the top prizes were actually awarded to players? If there isn't a page like that, can you maybe start publishing that information somewhere, so people can see the number of each prizes given out during every event? No need to reveal names, numbers would be fine. Thanks.
  2. I bet it is the class and item exchange feature, which really should be a normal part of the game. We should not get upset with players for wanting Red Libra. We should be upset with NCSoft for making Red Libra necessary. When I came back to the game I found out my class had been nerfed to oblivion. I lost so much money and time in re-rolling and trying to re-equip a new character. If Red Libra features were permanently in game, I could have exchanged just about everything for a fraction of the cost. Instead I took a loss on selling some of the gear in order to buy new gear for my new cha
  3. Wow, I did not know this. What equipment do you buy with that 15B, if I may ask? 1. Armor: Exalted (no buy) 2. Weapon: Exalted? (no buy) 3. Circlet: +5 Authority Circlet from Quest (no buy); Maybe upgrade it to Noble or Radiant buying Dawn crystals for a few billion adena? 4. Cloak? Buy 30 Day Nevit Cloak for a few hundred million? I never see Elmore +10 for cheaper than 20B, so can't afford that. 5. T-Shirt (no buy, maybe -- you get Dragon shirt, but only after completing 2nd Exalted quest. 80,000 mobs later. Do you use the Blaze Subclass shirt until then? Or buy Ist
  4. Please consider extending the boosted server settings for at least an additional week. That would be the best form of compensation for me, since I don't play around the clock like others and these XP events are the only way for me to catch up to everyone else. At least the low end of the pack.
  5. Someone told me that best race for Tyr is DE. Another guy said Kamael is best. Something about better PVP passives. Not sure which is true. Anyone know?
  6. Rich people play this game. But you can also buy those chests from other players. Not hard to get if you have the adena. Good luck is the only thing hard to get.
  7. What people want is for them to roll back system so reds can drop items. Last I heard the GMs were still trying to figure out best approach, because griefers could easily make AFK players who use certain AOE skills go red, kill them, and then pick up whatever drops they can. It's a mess.
  8. This. My mana bar stays ful hunting normal mobs.
  9. Not uncommon for them to remove or replace items bought in L2 store with real money. Agathions, shirts, brooch, etc. Could it happen? Yes. Will it? Eventually. I stay either way.
  10. Best idea I've heard yet. No point in fixing a broken system.
  11. They've been doing it to pretty much to everyone when aoe skills flag. It's a game of cheats.
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