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    This is my last post. I am an old player, I was from the first day of this server, I have vip 4 in my main and in my box too, buy 2 times the run of 50% exp of 30 days FOR EACH CHARACTER. I came with a competent enough CP, WE ARE ALL VIP 4, one even with 2 VIP box 4. And I feel deeply scammed by this game, they said that there would be a level cap of 70 ... it was not like that. This is very important to maintain the balance and that the pvp are more interesting. They said they would control the bots ... it was not like that. Simply the content is boring, the system of limited sieges (a single castle to come), which point has to have 50 level 3 clans with the same logo? Just let the clans climb easy to recruit more people instead of doing this nonsense. Anyway, the drop that spilled the glass was to see a bot lvl 70, a guy is going to use that character against me and my cp in the siege surely, without having tried in the least to climb. Sincerely, the experience in illegal servers is much better, more immersive and the GMs are active and you can see them moving around the cities and spots. There is no one left of my cp, there is nothing left for me in this game, what a bad way to say goodbye to him.

    Same happened to my friend... now we have 2 dark elves lvl 40 hahahaahah
  3. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    The problem is that it is not even necessary to have a test server. Just log in and find an active 56 lvl player and ask him. "You had some increase in your experience bar, it's a setting that I'm evaluating" He replies, you give him an angel cat buff prize and follow your path as a good mod. Also if you want to evaluate that the experience setting is real, just create a character and fill it with experience scrolls until level 55 ... then count the amount of scrolls you use to go up 55-56 and that's it, you know how much you need now . They are small details of control that would make a world of difference, with only a little time, love and dedication to the server. The same with bots, 15 minutes of your time and clean the complete bot server.
  4. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    I'm not really going to complain because I feel that you are trapped by an external provider that communicates very badly the implementation of server settings, that is why you have constant communication problems and errors. As a recommendation with the best of intentions I would tell you to investigate the effects of the patches before speaking to the community. If they tell you that there will be an increase in experience, check with a couple of players, the same for other changes. Check them first and then communicate them because if not the one that affects your reputation is you and not your provider. Sincerely at this point you should already realize the inability of the company to provide you with clear and accurate information, do not believe anything of what they say until you prove it yourself.
  5. Trade cancel hack scam

    That same character wanted to do the same thing to me on repeated occasions, but without getting it because I'm already quite seasoned in those scams. What I would like to point out is that it is clearly a bot, it is an automated system external to the game, so at least the pseronaje should be banned.
  6. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    I was in a top CP in old days.... It does not get boring, in fact it's the most fun. Lineage is a game that gives you too much power over third parties if you have significant advantages over them. That's why he wants sieges and Olympics, because under the current standard the new content will be for him and his cp and will take even more advantage of normal players. The ones that end up leaving the game are the normal players, the majority of players on the server. "Hardcore players" allways stays playing. It is the same as it happened on live servers, there are only hardcore players who have a lot of money and time invested in the game. My opinion is that give more exp incentive to players 60-, the trick is to make others reach them quickly to maintain the balance. They must have their advantage, because they earn it, but that advantage should only be ephemeral and temporary. From my point of view in lineage the advantage only increases exponentially without control.
  7. Making adena for C grade gear

    hahahah Lineage lesson 1: having item grade compatibility doesnt means that you can really use that grade... For having C grade at least you will be like lvl 50... unless you go lucky and get a CDL from a rotting three or other good drop. Just stay in a good adena spot then go to enchanted valley, a couple of demon staff head or ghoul staff head its enought for make real diference in your adena.
  8. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    This is really important. Unless you only want hard players and low loguin like the live server. (that place its just the worse.. only bots and adena buyers can play there)

    By the way, we are from talking island...

    Hi, we are 5 old L2 players looking for a clan and pvp. (Main Lenguage Spanish, alt English) We operate as a CP, but we can change that depending on the clan. Our login time is around 20:00 GMT-5. We have: Necro lvl 60, avadon robe, ghoul staff +5 CDL ON (box SE 58, PP58) Necro lvl 56, Avadon robe, demon staff +3 CDL ON (box EE 56) Bichop lvl 58, divine(bw in process), ghoul staff/life staff/ goat staff Sws lvl 58, FP (doom in proceess), Samu+3 OL lvl 58, BW/divine, goat staff (box Phantom Sumoner 58)
  11. Banned accounts for no reason

    losed 3 characters like that.... At least it only happens in low lvl char
  12. honestly what I do not like about bots is when they are at a high level and leveling in hight level spots. It's offensive to me to see how a bot has level 70 with everything and boxes and then it's going to be used in pvp against me, that I gain my freehand levels. I do not care about the adena and the drop, what pisses me off is to see PJ level 70 entirely boted and then used in pvp.
  13. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    that of going up to level 80 with skills of 70 will be interesting. I would have liked to leave the lvl cap, somehow that makes more balance between the lifeless and the casual, which allows the game to remain fun.
  14. WTS +7 Sages Staff 144 M attk (pics Below)

    Ouch man.... sorry